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The Book That Never Was | Indeed, Out Of Place, Out Of Time – CH. I

Prologue The best sci-fi is reality crafted from the knowable, testable, observable, to that which is just out of grasp, just beyond the horizon, but approaching our milieu. What’s even more fascinating, is the realization that we live in the realm of science-fAIction, where “the sufficiently advanced civilization that is indistinguishable from magic” really does […]

Is Martian Landscape Antarctica?

“Nothing in [politricks] ever happens by accident. If it happens, you can bet it was planned that way.” – Franklin D. Roosevelt Let’s be frank, the ruse of jet-setting politrikians (and their ilk) “visiting” Antarctica just does not make sense.  Kerry, Kirill, Aldrin, Putin, Antarctica [has become a] hotspot for politicians.  It is rather shocking that […]

Syriarmageddon, Setting The Stage For Ezekiel Thirty-Eight Invasion, Which In Turn Sets The Stage For ARMAGEDDON?

“Damascus is widely believed to be the oldest continuously inhabited city in the world, with evidence of habitation dating back at least 11,000 years. Its location and persistence have made the city a nexus for civilizations come and gone. Isaiah 17:1 The burden of Damascus. Behold, Damascus is taken away from being a city, […]

The Mythology Of Scientism & Traechknology’s Monoptic Panopoly

Willful submission of the right to critically think and use logic as a weapon to guard the pursuit of life and liberty.  Is the failure of most, those who gullibly believe in the perfect, sinless, loving technology that is submersing everything in the waters of the internet of things — the web — the fabric […]

– cloud reign kills –

*wit, quips, quotes, & zingers   Prologue | The Plasmos | Dark Water|s World | The Windows|portals of Heaven, Cloud Computing, Data Streams | Warring Over Rivers | Hidden In Plane Sight | Manifestations of the Spiritual War

Transformed Farmed Animals Of The Human Herd – Manifestation of the Spiritual War

History is the story of the envious taking what they feel is rightfully theirs by any means — lying, cheating, stealing, maiming, and murdering.  These all, forming episodic waves of varying intensity characterizing the life and times of the righteous — History.  The righteous, buffered by those grazing in the middle meadows of mediocrity of […]