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WhiteHouse.Gov/Petition: “Release The Algorithm”: Google Inc. (A Taxpayer Inception Funded Corporation)

A WhiteHouse.Gov/Petition covering the below info is forthcoming and will be posted as soon as it is live. Here it is! … Not only is it morally wrong, it’s illegal per Federal Law to discriminate against color, creed, et. al. Tax payer monies were used to fund the inception of Google (see links below). […]

Pattern Is Prologue | Vlog Debut Script (Video Posted!)

Welcome to “Pattern is prologue“, my name is Hugh, I’m the author and editor of Pattern is prologue.  Pattern is prologue is a repository of ideas, theories, reviews of everything.  Patterns, habits, rituals are the fabric – the warp and woof, of our lives.  Patterns epigenetically expressed from the DNA of our ancestors.  Patterns of […]

Best Dog Ball Ever, Indestructible, And It Floats (And Bounces Too)!

You really can have it all, indestructible, floats, and bounces, … a ball for all! For a while there, I was blowing through dog-popped tennis balls. And that would inevitably happen, within minutes of being new.  Pop! My Weimaraner would deflate the ball. And then sometime later it would end up in the pool, fill […]