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Fauci, “The Reaper”, Dons Mask Mandate Flip-Flop To The Face — Gives Advice To Not Wear A Mask, Then Doubles Down, Now Advises ‘Til ‘22, Indefinitely Forthcoming?

Watch the video: Dr. Fauci tells Americans not to wear masks (one year ago today)…March 2020: Dr. Anthony Fauci talks with Dr Jon LaPook about Covid-19 Then, ten months later, Fauci embraced double-masking… Now pushes wearing masks ‘til 2022… Grim thought, “Fauci” literally means “Sickle Maker”…

Sharks that glow in the dark? Scientists discover luminous deep-sea predators

March 2, 2021, 3:22 AM PST If any further proof was needed of the vast unexplored wonders of the deep sea, this would fit the bill: researchers in New Zealand have discovered three new shark species that glow in the dark. The study, published in the Frontiers in Marine Science journal, explains how the kitefin shark, the […]

“No Nigerian comes to cryptocurrency and wants to look back. It’s a big opportunity.”

Cryptocurrencies: Why Nigeria is a global leader in Bitcoin tradeMon, March 1, 2021, 2:25 AM More cryptocurrency trading goes on in Nigeria than almost anywhere else in the world, reflecting a loss of faith in more traditional forms of investment, as Ijeoma Ndukwe reports. Tola Fadugbagbe recalls moving to Lagos from his small south-western town […]

Q: When Are Chinese Not Chinese? A: When CHI-nah Is Involved.

The U.S. Scientific Establishment Conducted De Facto COVID-19 Briefings for the Chinese Military in May 2020 Guest post by Lawrence Sellin, PhD The US scientific establishment held calls with Chinese counterparts in May last year regarding the Chinese coronavirus (COVID-19). The problem is, the Chinese on the calls are connected to the Chinese military. In […]

Earthquake Portent?! | HTRS: The Famous Canals of Venice – Emptied Overnight!

News Desk Something weird is taking place in Venice, Italy.  The city’s famous canals, which substitute for streets, emptied to the point of almost DRYING OUT overnight! The water level in the canals is so low, boats cannot float in _any_ of them. The situation is being blamed on “an extremely low tide” but there […]