Bank To The Future: Is the future of banking, silver mine “banks” via crypto-currency?

Yes, mines could become a bank. Whether Its Time For Silver-Backed Crypto | Seeking Alpha In fact, I think that ultimately we may have a gold- and/or silver-backed crypto currency that is government mandated, once faith in fiat currencies is completely lost and a reset is required. That new currency will have both intrinsic value […]

The PHOENIX, The Fiery ONE & The Sons Of GOD

photon | Etymology, origin and meaning of photon (n.) “unit of electromagnetic radiation,” 1926, from photo- “light” + -on “unit.” Related: Photonic. All MYTHOLOGY is rooted in the reality of SCRIPTURE. Scripture is distorted by our adversary to obscure GOD’s goodness, love, & plan for man. Hebrews 12:29 (KJV) For our God [is] a consuming […]

Joe Hasn’t Gone Deep Enough Down The Rabbit Hole On The Meaning Of Life & Artificial Intelligence

Your basic essence is software. I’m the Beginning There Was Information | There has been an explosion of interest, focus, research and development into the world of Artificial Intelligence. Software makes up the real you. From inception, your hardware morphs many times over your lifespan. Information, knowing, consciousness, intelligence are all possible from that magic […]

Is The Ford Galaxie’s Crest The Concept Art Of The TR3-B?

“Presumption is our greatest obstacle to new discovery.” – Chuck Missler The greatest sleight of hand is often the symbolic art of encrypting the unbelievable in plain sight. Ford and GM Scrutinized for Alleged Nazi Collaboration die Galaxie plural: die Galaxien Die Galaxieis afemininenoun.In English, this word means “Galaxy”. The plural form is […]

Electronic Warfare & The Resonance Of Jacking A Windows’ Wardrobe Malfunction

OR … Janet Jackson had the power to crash laptop computers – The Old New Thing by Raymond Chen August 16th, 2022 “the song contained one of the natural resonant frequencies for the model of 5400 rpm laptop” Twitter user vinay.wfh (@vinaysshenoy), shared an amazing technological oddity from blogger Raymond Chen via “A colleague […]

What are the odds?

Coincidence is the technical term for “designed”. If it’s designed, there’s a plan. The Small Pox Tell Of Bill Gates (7min) What are the odds that a government sponsored 2021 (!) tabletop exercise at the Nuclear Threat Initiative (“public-private partnership with the U.S. Department of State”) war-gamed a monkeypox outbreak in May 2022?! Here […]

The Pattern & Potentiality: Eyes To See. What Will The Price Of #Bitcoin Be In 2500 CR (& Beyond)?

The debate ensues within the neural net shielded by my cranium and the Helmet of Salvation. Lost to most is the epic ScienceFaction that the HOLY WRIT is, in Word & Deed. Though the drought is long, dark, and deep — nevertheless, I will press on in my journey, ever-progressing, The Pilgrim. Ever the Outlier, […]