Best Dog Ball Ever, Indestructible, And It Floats (And Bounces Too)!

You really can have it all, indestructible, floats, and bounces, … a ball for all! For a while there, I was blowing through dog-popped tennis balls. And that would inevitably happen, within minutes of being new.  Pop! My Weimaraner would deflate the ball. And then sometime later it would end up in the pool, fill […]

Re-Declaration of Independence 2.0, 2018 | Putting The Deep State Power Elite On Notice | Time For Civil Disobedience By Pushing Back Against “The Long Train Of Abuses”

“Empires don’t die, they reinvent themselves.” Once people were ruled by a Kings. Monarchs now operate through the façade of corporate power. Corporate power is wielded by the “great men of the earth”, the Power Elite. The intersection of royalty, banking families, empires, and modern corporations is intertwined and the story of history. The fabric […]

Practical Healthy Living Tips, Thriving In The Era of Bad Food, Environmental Degradation, and Stress

The following is a wealth of health for the wise eyes. The path to maintaining a lean, clean fighting machine (oh you didn’t know we were engaged in a war?). “Knowing is half the battle” and “the mind is a terrible thing to waste.” And your mind is where you know (at least in part), […]