EPIC!: ‘Tomorrow’s News Today’ Infowars ‘Breaks The Secret Meaning Of Fauci’s Name’ As Covered By PIP In 2020’

Alex Jones breaks down the sinister origins of Dr. Anthony Fauci’s name Watch & share the trailer to COVIDLAND: The Lockdown and pre-order your copy today!‘COVIDLAND’ is a riveting and fast-paced film designed to break people out of their trance, see the big picture, and take our world back! https://freeworldnews.tv/watch?id=6148dae4efd7030e0c0b54d1 PIP: Grim thought, “Fauci” literally […]

Warsaw’s Water Monitoring Muscles

Massimo (@Rainmaker1973) Tweeted:The water quality in Warsaw, the capital city of Poland, is monitored by clams. If the water gets too toxic, they close, and the triggers shut off the city’s water supply automatically [read more: https://t.co/CN82xLjUqE%5D [documentary trailer: https://t.co/KYnftvOBS5%5D https://t.co/gYgxJZhNeYhttps://twitter.com/Rainmaker1973/status/1439582548523421696?s=20

The Witch Hunt Of Witch Hunts, Salem On Steroids

https://www.zerohedge.com/political/they-are-creating-biggest-witch-hunt-american-history They Are Creating The Biggest Witch Hunt In American History Authored by Michael Snyder via The End of The American Dream blog, Prior to this pandemic, if you wanted to weed out all of the “troublemakers”, “independent thinkers” and “non-conformists” from our society, how would you have done it?  I suppose that sending everyone […]

Anyone who takes the Mark Of The Beast clearly was not paying attention, it’s glaringly apparent that it was warned of, over & over

Revolver.news: LA County to require mark of the beast for indoor bars, nightclubs, breweries, sporting events…https://www.foxla.com/news/la-county-to-require-proof-of-vaccination-for-indoor-bars-nightclubs-outdoor-sports-games LA County to require proof of vaccination for indoor bars, nightclubs, breweries FOX 11 8 hours ago https://www.foxla.com/news/la-county-to-require-proof-of-vaccination-for-indoor-bars-nightclubs-outdoor-sports-games LA County to require proof of vaccination for indoor bars, nightclubs, breweries LOS ANGELES – Los Angeles County is planning on issuing a new health […]

Amazing: AMAZON Launches Palm Reader (Didn’t Know They Believed)

AMAZON Palm Reader Launches at Concert Venue in Sneak Peek of Biometric Future… Will Soon Be Everywhere? CEO Jassy: ‘Still early days for us in media’… Drudge Links Revelation 13:18 (KJV)Here is wisdom. Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast: for it is the number of a man; and his number […]

Fiat Fiends Killing Bitcoin

https://bitcoinmagazine.com/.amp/culture/bitcoin-financial-freedom-in-afghanistan?__twitter_impression=true Finding Financial Freedom In Afghanistan A pioneering female CEO has been promoting Bitcoin in Afghanistan since 2013 and sees it needed in her home country now more than ever. Alex GladsteinAug 26, 2021 Roya Mahboob — the first female Afghan tech CEO, one of TIME’s most influential people in the world and one of the first entrepreneurs […]

The Rhyme & Rhythm Of History: Evil Mires US In The Past, While Good Soars With The Wings Of The Future

Revolver.news: King George calls American patriots “violent extremists”…Jesse Kelly (@JesseKellyDC) Tweeted:I remember when Bush declared war on Iraq and we went in and just a couple weeks into that conflict he passed down a rule that we had to take our American flags down off our Amtracs. So yes, George Bush has been a skid mark […]

Sino Evil On The Prowl

https://halturnerradioshow.com/index.php/en/news-page/world/china-to-send-naval-ships-to-within-twelve-miles-of-u-s-coastline China to Send Naval Ships “to within twelve miles” of U.S. Coastline NewsDesk A leading official in Beijing has warned that China will give the US “a taste of its own medicine”. This comes amid increasing military tensions between the two superpowers. Earlier this week, China reacted angrily to the presence of a US Navy Destroyer […]

Will the Amish take over America?

https://unherd.com/thepost/will-the-amish-take-over-america/ Idea 11:50 Historically persecuted religious sects are winning the demographic war  by Ed West Groups like the Amish are notable for their continued growth as a sectMost Amish communities don’t allow phones in their homes, but it’s not because they think phones are inherently evil and ban them completely. They often have shared phone booths […]

Intellihub: CDC mulls implementing “red zone” and “green zone” detainment camps, foresees “displaced populations” | Intellihub

https://www.intellihub.news/cdc-mulls-implementing-red-zone-and-green-zone-detainment-camps-foresees-displaced-populations/ The Center for Disease Control and Prevention is mulling the idea of implementing “red zone” and “green zone” detainment camps as a means to battle COVID-19 and its variants.  Officials at the privately-funded research and policy-setting group have cooked up a rather Orwellian strategy, in which agency higher-ups have outlined the fate of all Americans. […]