The Curious Case Of The Highly Managed History Of The Electric Car. The Selling Of Yesteryear’s Reality, Sold As The Future Today. Another New Era Of More Of The Same Story Of Old.

November 13, 2017

I watch as the wild black swans fly over With their phalanx turned to the sinking sun;

The black swan theory or theory of black swan events is a metaphor that describes an event that comes as a surprise, has a major effect, and is often inappropriately rationalized after the fact with the benefit of hindsight. The term is based on an ancient saying which presumed black swans did not exist, but the saying was rewritten after black swans were discovered in the wild.

The Swanning Of America And The Curious History Of Ediswan (Thomas Edison-Joseph Swan). The Selling Of  Yesteryear’s Reality, Sold As The Future Today.  Another New Era Of More Of The Same Story Of Old.

As we grind forward on the treacherous path toward a normalized global government of onerous dictums. A dark flock of ominous swans circles the horizon, the ever-lit other side of which requires we go through the darkened sky.

Indeed, the melee of swans, beautiful creatures elegantly characterized to represent the momentary confusion of the befuddled masses and the onslaught of the mechanized forces, milling, grinding the spirit of all who oppose lawlessness of the deep state.  

The surety of each generation forgetting the past is known by each generation buying into the culture that buys and sells their enslavement.  Pick any household product name and then start reading on the history of that family name.  More often than not, it is a sickening, gross infringement of the true advancement of the culture of man by those family names.  Then yin yangian merger of family names is a doubling down, or exponentially compounding of the damage done to their fellow man.  The history of the Ediswan corporation is a penultimate description of the juting of man into the global tapestry to be ground underfoot of the Power Elite.  The Edison Swan company’s history is that of exploiting the very people it claims to be empowering.


Ediswan & Ponders End Works | Products: Incandescent carbon filament, tungsten filament, projectors, miniature, telephone indicator, automotive, special lamps, Point-o-lite tungsten arc, thermionic valves, cathode ray tubes, small domestic appliances.

Ponders End is a factory with a particularly important history due to its long-standing monopoly over the British lamp industry, and because of its association with the invention of many other important electrical devices, such as the first thermionic valve. Its original owners, Ediswan Electric, held the immensely valuable combined patents of both Swan and Edison and the company ruthlessly excercised its power to shut down infringers at every opportunity. It did not adjust well to the competitive industry that sprang up following the expiry of its patents, and the incandescent lamp operations lost considerable market share. Following a series of takeovers lampmaking ceased in the 1950s, with the rest of the site continuing until its ultimate closure in 1969.

Early History

Within five years of the foundation of Swan’s electric light company and its swift amalgamation with Edison’s British operations to form Ediswan, the company was transformed into one of the most powerful manufacturers in the world. Production was being scaled up with increasing frequency thanks to the combination of three unique pillars of power : the superiority of its lamps in both performance and cost, the strength of its brand name which associated it with the two principal inventors of the incandescent lamp, and the fact that it held the immensely valuable patents of both Swan and Edison, and rather than licensing use of these to its competitors, the company chose to close them down and take over the production volume itself. Perhaps the only other lighting company in the world which enjoyed such colossal commercial power was General Electric of USA, which found itself enjoying similar benefits to Ediswan on the other side of the Atlantic.

By 1886 the company’s previous factory at Benwell had reached the limits that could be provided both by that building, as well as the availability of skilled workers that could be drawn from the small town. In March of that year new premises at Ponders End in East Middlesex were identified, in an old Jute mill on Duck Lees Lane. The weaving of Jute was going out of fashion with the local workforce, and the death of that industry provided a conveniently sized industrial site for the rapidly growing Ediswan operations as well as being within ready reach of an almost unlimited pool of human labour, which could be drawn via the railway lines from nearby London. By the end of May 1886 the relocation of machinery, lamp stocks and a substantial portion of the skilled Benwell workforce had been completed.

In the early days Ponders End was a site of monumental scientific significance. Not only because of its pioneering position in the development and manufacture of the incandescent lamp, but also due to the numerous spinoff products that quickly emerged. Countless names of scientific significance spent their formative years at Ponders End – for instance Sir William Thompson (later Lord Kelvin), Sir William Crookes, Sir George Stokes, Sir James Dewar, Dr. Ambrose Fleming, Sir Frederick Abel, Dr. John Hopkinson, and of course Sir Joseph Swan himself. Perhaps even more important for the modern world than Ediswan’s invention of the incandescent lamp was the development of the very first electronic valves, which took place under the direction of Dr. Fleming at Ponders End. Valves led on to the development of Cathode Ray Tubes and the already vast manufacturing complex grew further to accommodate these product lines, as well as a whole host of other small domestic electrical appliances.

IMG_0103 2

Electric Cars May Rule the World’s Roads by 2040 | New analysis suggests the gasoline engine may be like the horse-and-buggy a century ago: doomed to a rapid demise.

Should California spend $3 billion to help people buy electric cars?

Why Elon Musk is a fast talking hustler who preys upon scientifically illiterate bureaucrats to siphon billions of dollars from taxpayers

Who gave the go-ahead for the electric car to overtake the automobile market?  A rich history of so-called failures to harness the electric car have Edison as a central figure.

Flash forward in reverse, the FUTURE has finally arrived, albeit a highly managed unveiling of techno-you, and you have a mix-match of the same old corporate players, with “newcomers” still exploiting the people, the people without sufficient means to power their here-now subsistence, nor their future “retirement”, when they are too feeble to work.  With work place and work force as we know it, set to be a moot moat of despair, as humanity’s obsolescence is rolled out.

The electric car is nothing new. Ninety years ago, Henry Ford and Thomas Edison, two of America’s greatest innovators, tried building one and failed. Daniel Strohl of Hemmings Blog tells us how they killed the electric car. —Ed.

Edison, by the way, was himself no stranger to electric cars. Bryan noted in Friends, Families and Forays that Edison built a battery-powered front-wheel-drive electric in 1895, and he’s noted as owning a few of the very expensive electric cars then in production.


Thomas Edison on his 1903 Electric Studebaker

2_1910 Electric Car_elecar

1910 Electric Car
To inventor Thomas Edison in the early 1900s, electric cars looked like the future of transportation.

Although better known for inventions such as the light bulb and motion pictures, Edison also designed three electric cars using his nickel-iron Edison Storage Batteries. Here he is seen standing beside a model that left New York on a 1,000-mile promotional “ideal tour” in September 1910, charging along the way and ending with an ascent up New Hampshire’s Mount Washington.


Thomas Edison and the electric car, circa 1913.


Thomas Edison and his son Chase in electric car, circa 1914.

If the light bulb has not yet gone on that humans are slated for the trash heap of history, then it’s time to pull your head out of the silica, and enlighten your eyes by reading the future as forthtold in Scripture.  The strategic trends that illuminate the news headlines of today are the evidence that we are not alone in the universe.  And the superclass that presides over humanity is the same set of families of old, retold, repackaged, replicated as humans, but charlatans nonetheless.  Humanity is the product and we are ushering in the end of humanity with open arms.  If you are not pushing back on the rollout of the robopocalypse, you should be, and the mere motion of pushback, can be done by educating yourself on the who’s who of the Great Men Of the Earth and their plans for man.  No scammer ever liked the light flooding their machinations conducted in the murky waters of the swamp “Conspiratoria“.  And as we ask, “Who is Elon Musk?”, likewise let us ask “Who is “X” and why are they doing the job they are doing?”  More likely than not, whoever it is in the spotlight, they were placed there for a very specific reason, and more likely than not, their “work” is not going to benefit the common man.

In politics, nothing happens by accident. If it happens, you can bet it was planned that way.” – Franklin D. Roosevelt

Likewise let us consider less in unplannned in the world of manufacturing, where planning is of necessity considering the revenue of billions of dollars on the line.

As we transition to a true Electric Age, a truly wireless age as Tesla (yeah, the guy who wanted to give us The Future and was robbed of his future) envisioned (I still don’t understand why folk don’t revolt and ask why Musk was allowed to roll out the future, along with all the other come-out-of-nowhere gmotes); we must remember the past, the past foisted upon us, that future which is robbing us of the prosperity of those who sacrificed for their posterity.  As “peak oil” explodes and the combustion engine era smoke dissipates, never forget the players, the men who gave us the world we now live in.

Nikola Tesla was beyond a doubt the greatest genius of the 20th century. Our way of life today, the technology that we take for granted, is all possible because of this one incredible man from Europe. 

However, despite all of his contributions to science, his name is little remembered outside the field of electronics and physics. In fact, Thomas Edison is often mistakenly credited in school textbooks with inventions that were developed and patented by Tesla.

When Tesla died on January 7, 1943 at the age of 86, representatives of the Office of Alien Property, at the request of the FBI, went to the Hotel New Yorker and seized all of Tesla’s belongings. Two truckloads of papers, furniture and artifacts were sent under seal to the Manhattan Storage and Warehouse Company.

This load was added to the almost thirty barrels and bundles that had been in storage since the 1930’s, and the entire collection was sealed under orders from the OAP.

Strange behavior, considering that Tesla was a legal American citizen.

Supposedly, you can view Tesla’s documents on these two FBI sites.

And dutiful researchers have pointed out the peculiar connection of Donald Trump’s uncle, MIT professor, John G. Trump.
Always keep in mind the hidden history, and take for granted that a deliberate obfuscation of reality is at play.

It is interesting to note the history symbolized by Musk’s Tesla (named after Nikolai Tesla) Model S (Ford’s Model T) and obvioisly as written above, Edison, who most think of when they think of electric inventions.  All “great men of the earth”, those who manage the future we experience.

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