The FUTURE Is Written

The Holy Writ is the greatest Science Faction epic ever put to script. It is the Source of all fairy tales & Things that go bump in the Night. The Source being the all consuming fiery One. The progenitor of Legend. Builder of all that is to come — The Forthteller. The essence of Future & Hope.

With the ebb & flow of time’s currency flows the mind of Man. Here a little, there a little, peering beyond the veil.

Far, far into realmsdeep, beyond the misty branches of the dark futures resides the what-to-comes.

Every now & then the quill captures the reigns of reality. What’s written is what is coming. And the times of the signs are heralded to & fro betwixt the lines of the Times. That Reality is sure & true. The foundation of the world to come.

Herein is a deep dive into the Return Of The King, His Kingdom, His Reign. Multitudes misdirected by the spells of the holy wood, cast by spawn of the Evil One. Man’s darkest hour is unfolding in lockstep as described in the Last Days texts. Are you ready player one? The meta, the Spiritual bleeds through into the faux natural testing the souls of humanity.

This book captures the spirit of the dawning Age, His Kingdom, His One Thousand Year Reign.

“We suspect that many Christians who get to heaven will be seriously disappointed. If that shocks you, then this book is for you.”


“After being Christians for over 50 years, we consider the truths in this book to be some of the most life-changing principles we have encountered since our new birth.”

– Chuck and Nancy Missler

Scripture tells us that we are to “prepare ourselves” for Christ’s soon return.

• What exactly does this Mean?

• What if we aren’t prepared?

Being ready, fit and prepared will dramatically affect our role, our position and our place of responsibility in the future Millennial Kingdom.

This is one of the most fascinating books on the Future — your future.

The sense of mission & drive are amazing.

I have gone through this book more than once; currently going through again with a friend.

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