Bank To The Future: Is the future of banking, silver mine “banks” via crypto-currency?

Yes, mines could become a bank.

Whether Its Time For Silver-Backed Crypto |

Seeking Alpha

In fact, I think that ultimately we may have a gold- and/or silver-backed crypto currency that is government mandated, once faith in fiat currencies is completely lost and a reset is required. That new currency will have both intrinsic value and the conveniences of crypto. And if that currency is on a blockchain which logs all transactions, then it can be very secure.

Here are a few companies that are active in this space. For example, Aurus (Making Gold As Easy As Money) has built a platform allowing refineries, distributors and vaults to autonomously tokenize precious metals. There are other similar developments: …

“Becoming your own bank” …

Swan Signal – A Bitcoin Podcast: Max Keiser and Simon Dixon – E79 … “Becoming your own bank”

Max Keiser and Simon Dixon – E79

Swan Signal – A Bitcoin Podcast

Listen on Apple Podcasts:

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