On Bird App @forthteller, Re #Tesla Car Aethereal Charging

Nikolai #Tesla ‘s REsearch was about pulling energy directly from the aether. His disruptive technology was so dangerous to the cult of control, #THEY (Power Elite #MIC) seized his work (https://vault.fbi.gov), forever shrouding his death in the enigma of conspiracy.

The Tesla Model S, 3, X, & Y, odes to Ford’s Model T, allude to same’s machinations with regard to Nikolai. Consider reality is actually a #ScienceFACTION, fiction being the obverse, where what’s really possible is beyond your wildest dream — #TOMMOROWLAND. What’s actually possible — #ScienceFACTION, is NEVER for the #pleb. And yet know-how, production, & revenue are harvested from such. Q: Considering the Tesla is software driven, and the potentiality for on-the-fly upgrades is built into the vehicle. #ForgetSolar. Does the Tesla ambiently recharge from the aether? This could be done without the owner being aware — instead dependent on wired charging. Onboard diagnostic could carry out surveillance and testing of viable in-transit aethereal recharging. (Study Cross-disciplinary as to decompartmentalize. #thinkoutsidethebox.)

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