What if humans were projected?

October 10, 2015

“Map projections are by far the most common “white lies” told by map makers. If a 3D image of the human body were projected in a similar way it would look unrecognisable and people would say it is an unfair representation of the human form. Far fewer, however, would question the use of the Mercator projection (used by the majority of web-maps) when mapping cases of malaria in spite of the way it shrinks the equatorial regions relative to those closer to the poles. Map projections cannot be avoided but they can be appropriately selected to provide the most reasonable representation of the world for the data being visualised.

Distorting the shape of the world is as old as mapmaking itself and so on its own will not alter people’s trust in the quality of maps as visualisations. It is the data plotted onto the map that has the most potential to do this (especially as it is available at finer and finer spatial scales). Clearly, subject matter is important- if a misleading map depicting whether people prefer ketchup or mustard on their burger was created it may cause a stir in the condiment industry but people (correct me if I am wrong) won’t get too upset if their preferences are mapped incorrectly. If, however, the locations of convicted sex offenders were incorrectly mapped it could have enormous consequences both for the individuals and the areas concerned. I would be happy to create the ketchup vs mustard map (the guys at floatingsheep could probably do it based on tweets) and not worry too much about it after release, I would not be comfortable mapping sex offenders because I could not live with the consequences if members of the public felt threatened or extremist groups wanted to use the map for reprisals, especially if there is uncertainty in the data behind the map.

And you thought you knew what the Earth looked like?

Flatness, Spirals, Loxodromes, The OX Circuit, And Atlantis | forthtell

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