With Overt S@t@n!sm Dominating The World Stage, What’s In A Pentagon Is Prescient

According to the local Indian tribe, on whose land the Pentagon now resides, the land is called the “devil’s anus”.”

How interesting then, that, occultist, space-race progenitor Jack Parsons (JPL), contributed to the design of the Pentagon.

The Occult Roots of NASA and the Ongoing Fraud | The Liberty Beacon

“However strange Parsons was, it did not preclude NASA from naming a crater on the dark side of the moon after him. Of course one cannot actually see the dark side of the moon nor confirm that such a crater exists, how appropriate. “…America’s space program owes much to Parsons’ rocket design and innovations — and in 1972 the International Astronomical Union honored him by naming Parson’s Crater on the dark side of the moon. After co-founding the JPL — which his admirers referred to as “Jack Parsons’ Laboratory” — Parsons started Aerojet Corp., now the world’s largest rocket producer and manufacturer of solid-fuel boosters for space shuttles….”

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Another enigma is Jack Parsons contribution to the occult design of the Pentagon.

[10] Parsons, who took the oath of the anti-Christ in 1949, contributed to the design of the Pentagon under subsequent CIA director John J. McCloy

It’s no coincidence that NASA has been erasing and trying to rewrite it’s true origins. The mighty pillars of scientific certainty that NASA supposedly sits upon are actually satanic black magicians of the occult. This is probably a small trivial fact that is omitted in today’s school curriculum.

NASA has sprouted from the likes of the self-acclaimed “wickedest man in the world” Aleister Crowley, Mass-Mind-Control-Black Magician-Satanist L. Ron Hubbard andUber-Occultist-Black Magician-Satanist Jack Whiteside Parsons to begin the early formation of NASA. In addition to the unholy trinity there were two more later additions to the NASA Dream Team, Werner von Braun and Walt Disney.

All the elements were in place to create one of the greatest financial and theological frauds in human history-NASA

Penultimate Deception | forthtell https://forthtell.wordpress.com/2014/11/15/penultimate-deception/

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