Space Is Not Cool.

Notice to Power Elite Establishment: stop propagandizing the coolness of space.

“Space may be the final frontier
But it’s made in a Hollywood basement”
Californication (RHCP)

What Is Driving The Otherworldly Focus & Fascination With Space?

The Metaverse execution of the masses will be televised. With the intent to convince the rank ‘n file pleb, they need to Transcend by means of a carbon donation of their body, with eternal life ‘on the other side’ within Virtual Reality.

The dark matter that Einstein was wrong should be the catalyst for new discovery.

That being said, we live in an Electric Universe.

Zero gravity driven anemia, floating food, mando-diapering, are just a few of the unexciting aspects of Space.

If you examine the deep history of metaphysics with a cross-disciplinary understanding of History, you come to the conclusion that Earth is far, far more exclusionary than the befuddled masses have been led to believe.

What Is Driving The Otherworldly Focus & Fascination With Space?

Recognize first that software imagineering has long driven ‘Space As The Final Frontier’ narrative. And much of this history has been intentionally occultedhidden history.

This type of musky hucksterism should drive you to investigate one of the greatest frauds of history.

Presumption should never be a barrier to the discovery of new deeper understanding.

AETHEREAL – The Battle for Heaven and Earth (Biblical Cosmology Documentary) – YouTube

Earth is the Final Frontier, always has been, always will be, …


You see, Earth IS the battleground for the living out of Free Will.

And the stage for the Final Act is now being set up.

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