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Do masks work?

No possible way says filtration expert Tyson Gabriel. He’d bet the farm on it. I would too. Will anyone bet against me?

Nov 7

Tyson Gabriel is the industrial hygienist that made this 1 hour video on mask wearing entitled “Just wear a mask or you’ll kill Grandma.” It’s in 6 parts, but all 6 parts are in the 1 hour video. It’s entertaining to watch.

The bottom line is Fauci was sort of right when he was originally asked about masks and he replied they are “useless, but if it makes you feel better, you can wear them.”

They are actually detrimental, especially for kids, because they trap bacteria and you then breath in that bacteria resulting in an increase in respiratory infections.

I inspired Tyson to make THE definitive video on showing the world that mask wearing is completely useless. He expects to have it done after Thanksgiving. 

Until then, just remember that the CDC says masks don’t work for wildfire smoke and the virus is 25X smaller than a smoke particle. So it’s like trying to stop a mosquito with a chain link fence.

There are a lot of mask studies, but they are all confounded. There isn’t a good masking study funded by the CDC since they know they don’t work.

And the Danish mask study that was well done, showed masks didn’t work. The journal the researchers submitted it to said if they wanted it published, the authors would have to come to a conclusion that masks worked. So they re-wrote the paper so masks worked, and what do you know… it got published. 

You can’t make this stuff up! Want proof? Read this article published in the BMJ which did a superb job of documenting how scientific journals dictate the scientific outcomes they want to see

This article “The Face Mask Folly in Retrospect” is excellent. It talks about 12 myths. It even shows that N95 masking does not work. It dispels all the popular myths. If you aren’t already convinced, then check out that article.

In short, today we adjust the science to match what the CDC says, it’s not the other way around like in the old days. Get it? In the Biden era, the narrative drives the science

In other words, once again the CDC advice is terrible and it is harming people. People obey the CDC advice without questioning the science. It’s total mind control. The worst advice is not telling people about ivermectin and fluvoxamine.

Back to masks. It seems that nobody will have a scientific debate with Tyson. Nobody. That’s how confident they are in their advice: they are sure they would lose.

If there is anyone who wants to debate Tyson on mask wearing, please indicate this in the comments below. It will be fun to watch. Thanks.

In the meantime, remember, cloth and surgical masks are useless. They don’t stop COVID at all. It’s all political theater. You are basically showing your blind obedience government that, if they ask you to, you will do nonsensical things that harm your health.

There used to be a time in the US when we were entitled to liberty which is the ability to do what you want so long as you don’t deprive anyone else of their freedom. Those days are gone. 

Mandating mask wearing is therefore both unconstitutional and stupid. But everyone is so brainwashed that nobody is challenging the mandate.

I highly recommend reading the comments for other studies. This video works well too:

Select reader comments

The inefficacy of mask mandates has been known for at least ten years.

Studies on masking in containing influenza like illnesses from 2007-2009 showed that masks have little actual benefit. See this article.

Which makes the CDC position on masking downright insane.

Our research team (epidemiologist, microbiologist and I, a naturopathic physician) compiled the largest body of research in English on the hazards of masks. Those peer-reviewed studies are at, vol 1. The gist of what is known is that respiratory droplets are relatively large, heavy and fall quickly in front of you. The mesh of masks on the other hand aerosolize those droplets. Now those light airborne viral particles travel farther, 18 to 20 feet, and linger longer in the air. Most of that was the Duke University research we cited. But also unfiltered exhaled air shot by nozzle effect out of masks’ side jets go several meters. Because a masked person incubates 100,000 bacterial colonies per hour average, you don’t want to stand or sit next to those bacteria-laden side jets of a masked person.

Masked populations have shown higher rates of COVID than unmasked – county comparisons in US, thanks to Ian Miller. I write about that in 4th paper in above series. The above is my best understanding to date for why masks are neither effective nor safe.

Ian Miller is on Substack. His charts on Twitter showing higher rates of COVID “cases,” hospitalizations and deaths in masked counties vs unmasked, (ditto states and nations) have been widely cited.

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