How A Boxing Match Ended The 1918 Spanish Flu Mask Mandate

“Rules for Thee, but not for Me.” — The Power Elite

The Photograph That Brought an End to 1918’s Mask Mandate During Spanish Flu

Proof the average person doesn’t know history and they are doomed to suffer the fate of yesteryear’s misery.

WATCH: Tucker Carlson takes a look back at public health hypocrisy in San Francisco during the Spanish Flu, and the photograph that changed everything. Today, we see the EXACT same dishonest behavior from San Francisco hypocrite Nancy Pelosi.

Masking Reality | Relative Size of Covid Particle To Mask Pore Size |!po=1.02041

Vaporware never more prescient |

Painting the picture worth a 1,000 words |

Tik Tok – Mask Mandate is up! End the Mask Mandates!

The DEFINITIVE Mask-Nazi Debunking Video NewsDesk 04 September 2021

In less than one minute, this painter proves masks DON’T WORK . . . they provide NO PROTECTION from “COVID.” Now get that mask off your face and start living again! [Language Warning for the linguistically challenged.]

“Give me Liberty or give Death!”

On the Journey of “Rugged Individualism.”

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