Can Horse Medicine Save Boxer De La Hoya?

“I’m not a doctor, but I use Common Sense.“

“Common Senses says yes.“

Boxer Oscar De La Hoya Hospitalized With Covid-19 Despite Receiving Injection – NewsWars

‘Cheers’ Star Kirstie Alley, 70, Says She Used Ivermectin, Joe Rogan Protocol To Treat COVID And Recovered In 12 Days – NewsWars

Alex Jones Refutes Phony Narrative On ‘Horse Drug” Ivermectin — Takes It Live On Air

Veterinarian reveals the secret to Longevity & what is missing from the Doctor regimen.

This protocol revolutionized my health!

“Dead Doctors Don’t Lie” – (Dr Wallach)

Editor Note: Information found herein is for informational purposes only, not intended as medical treatment or protocol. Warming: For Common Sense users and practitioners only. If you are unable to use Common Sense, do not attempt without Doctor care, review, and approval.

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