Reality Check / List

Reality Check:
1. History is a warfare manual.
2. If you don’t know history, you will make the same mistakes as those before you.
3. If you don’t know history, you will be fighting with warfare tactics of the last war.
4. Covid is neo-siege warfare.
5. Humanity is being depopulated with silent weapons used for silent wars.
6. The Bible is history written in advance.
7. Revelation (not Revelations!), is reality, Science-Faction, not fiction.
8. We are living in the times of the signs (Matthew 24). Revelation is the detailing of the events at the culmination of Matthew 24 signs.
9. Warfare 101: position indigenous population against one-another by emphasizing differences.
10. Natural life is a subset the Supernatural. Witches & Warlocks wield supernatural weapons behind-the-veil of the Natural.

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