What a great response to the wolves and sheep-dog analogy! Next level indeed! We are lions, because, “> is He that is in me, than he, that is in the world.” Not mere roaring as a silverscreen MGM brand (atop a red devil mask) — but, real deal, failed-and-rebuilt, standing on solid ground fighters, “in the arena” LIONS, scarred, lean, mean, unstoppable, one foot after the other, unmutable, unashamed of Him who laid down His Life for us — The Man, no Myth. The Original Lion & Lamb, The Arch-type who Conquers everything & stays Humble — evercalling in a still small voice, the tenor of a rumbling roar, echoing ashore to that outcast pilgrim; seeking searching; hear His voice, streaming for all to hear, words for those yearning to listen, those with “ears to hear” — “peace, peace, not as the world knows, peace”, but tranquility, “a peace that passes all understanding”, a place where Lions guard Lambs, beyond yonder hill — that must taken, by might & mercy, and the will to press on! Onward! We will, for Him! Godspeed & God Bless!

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