Masking Human Obsolescence & Disfiguring The Image Of Man | Re-Made In Their Image?

Because, more often than not, truth is indeed stranger than fiction. The masked attempt to cancel culture and dehumanize man and his kind.

2 Corinthians 11:14 (NIV) And no wonder, for Satan himself masquerades as an angel of light.

Matthew 17:21 (NKJV)

“However, this kind [genos] [of demon. being] does not go out except by prayer and fasting.”

The ritual masking, binding, and distortion of good.

This science-faction movie nightmare we currently find ourselves immersed in, is leading to the orderly obeisance of humanity. Leading up to the final curtain call, where, “all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and slave, will receive a mark on their right hand or forehead” Revelation 13:16 (NKJV) No one can deny that.

mask | Origin and meaning of mask by Online Etymology Dictionary

mask (n.)

1530s, “a cover for the face (with openings for the eyes and mouth), a false face,” from Middle French masque “covering to hide or guard the face” (16c.), from Italian maschera, from Medieval Latin masca “mask, specter, nightmare,” a word of uncertain origin.

It is perhaps from Arabic maskharah “buffoon, mockery,” from sakhira “be mocked, ridiculed.” Or it may come via Provençal mascarar, Catalan mascarar, Old French mascurer “to black (the face),” which is perhaps from a Germanic source akin to English mesh (q.v.). But it maybe a Provençal word originally: Compare Occitan mascara “to blacken, darken,” derived from mask- “black,” which is held to be from a pre-Indo-European language, and Old Occitan masco “witch,” surviving in dialects; in Beziers it means “dark cloud before the rain comes.” [See Walther von Wartburg, “Französisches Etymologisches Wörterbuch: Eine Darstellung galloromanischen sprachschatzes”].

Figurative meaning “anything used or practiced for disguise or concealment” is by 1570s.

Re-made In Their Imaga |

The muting of power, a trend of distorting and muffling the spoken Word and His penultimate creation, in His image. In the beginning there was information, word, “the deep magic”. In the end we have artificial intelligence, the suppression of words, and the redefinition of beauty, the distortion of His image. Darkness as light.

Masked magick |

John 10:10 (NKJV). “The thief [wears a mask] does not come except to steal, and to kill, and to destroy.

Mark 4:22 (NKJV). “For there is nothing hidden which will not be revealed, nor has anything been kept secret but that it should come to light.

Breathe no evil |

The horrific-splendor of The Slender Man’s obamanation — occulted faces; replaced divine image of man’s word, spoken, emanating the Rule of Law. Darkness, emotionlessness, lawlessness. Masking the mind of men by obscuring the portal to the soul and mind.

The Trend’s End |

AI’s uglification of the imagery of God — the humankind, maligned by machine.

Algorithm “in cursive” |

The first piece of AI-generated art to come to auction | Christie’s

AI artwork sells for $432,500 — nearly 45 times its high estimate — as Christie’s becomes the first auction house to offer a work of art created by an algorithm

The portrait in its gilt frame depicts a portly gentleman, possibly French and — to judge by his dark frockcoat and plain white collar — a man of the church. The work appears unfinished: the facial features are somewhat indistinct and there are blank areas of canvas. Oddly, the whole composition is displaced slightly to the north-west. A label on the wall states that the sitter is a man named Edmond Belamy, but the giveaway clue as to the origins of the work is the artist’s signature at the bottom right. In cursive Gallic script it reads:

Image © Obvious

This portrait, however, is not the product of a human mind. It was created by an artificial intelligence, an algorithm defined by that algebraic formula with its many parentheses. And when it went under the hammer in the Prints & Multiples sale at Christie’s on 23-25 October, Portrait of Edmond Belamy sold for an incredible $432,500, signalling the arrival of AI art on the world auction stage.

Portrait of Edmond Belamy, 2018, created by GAN (Generative Adversarial Network). Sold for $432,500 on 25 October at Christie’s in New York. Image © Obvious

The painting, if that is the right term, is one of a group of portraits of the fictional Belamy family created by Obvious, a Paris-based collective consisting of Hugo Caselles-Dupré, Pierre Fautrel and Gauthier Vernier. They are engaged in exploring the interface between art and artificial intelligence, and their method goes by the acronym GAN, which stands for ‘generative adversarial network’.

‘The algorithm is composed of two parts,’ says Caselles-Dupré. ‘On one side is the Generator, on the other the Discriminator. We fed the system with a data set of 15,000 portraits painted between the 14th century to the 20th. The Generator makes a new image based on the set, then the Discriminator tries to spot the difference between a human-made image and one created by the Generator. The aim is to fool the Discriminator into thinking that the new images are real-life portraits. Then we have a result.’

‘We found that portraits provided the best way to illustrate our point, which is that algorithms are able to emulate creativity’ — Hugo Caselles-Dupré of Obvious

But one of the beguiling things about the depiction of Edmond Belamy is that it departs from a human idea of an 18th-century portrait. There is something weirdly contemporary about him: he looks unnervingly like one of Glenn Brown’s art-historical appropriations. Why might that be?

Darkness’ Mask |

“Self-portrait” Jackson Pollock – Oil (1912-1956, United States)

Modern art was CIA ‘weapon’ | The Independent

Revealed: how the spy agency used unwitting artists such as Pollock and de Kooning in a cultural Cold War

By Frances Stonor Saunders

Sunday 22 October 1995 00:02

For decades in art circles it was either a rumour or a joke, but now it is confirmed as a fact. The Central Intelligence Agency used American modern art – including the works of such artists as Jackson Pollock, Robert Motherwell, Willem de Kooning and Mark Rothko – as a weapon in the Cold War. In the manner of a Renaissance prince – except that it acted secretly – the CIA fostered and promoted American Abstract Expressionist painting around the world for more than 20 years.

The connection is improbable. This was a period, in the 1950s and 1960s, when the great majority of Americans disliked or even despised modern art – President Truman summed up the popular view when he said: “If that’s art, then I’m a Hottentot.” As for the artists themselves, many were ex- communists barely acceptable in the America of the McCarthyite era, and certainly not the sort of people normally likely to receive US government backing.

Why did the CIA support them? Because in the propaganda war with the Soviet Union[.]

Art as a weapon | Uglificatuon of Beauty | Defacing Humanity

Switches and warlocks hiding behind the semantricks of modern naturalism, all the while wielding the power of the Arche, Exousia, Kosmokrator, the Skotos, the Aion, the pneumatikos-poneria, and the Epouranios. All these and their genos are confederate to the end of humanity and the rise of the Singularitarian Age — the Post Human Era.

Which witch switched beauty for ugly? Switch warlock for a peace of the lie. The war on beauty and the imagery of God is trending in the news as historical works of art are slaughtered by brushes of mal-intent.

ART ATTACK Priceless 17th century painting of Virgin Mary is ruined after furniture repair man is paid $1,358 to restore it |

A BAROQUE painting of the Virgin Mary is the latest in a long line of pictures to be disfigured while undergoing restoration.

A private art collector is said to have been charged €1,200 ($1,358) by a furniture restorer to have Bartolome Esteban Murillo’s painting of the Immaculate Conception cleaned and repaired.

However, things did not go as planned and the face of the Virgin Mary was left unrecognizable even though two attempts to restore it to its original condition were made.

The botched restoration job has echoes of the “Monkey Christ” eight years ago when a devout parishioner attempted to restore a painting of Christ on the wall of a church in the north-eastern Spanish town of Borja.

Elderly Woman’s Hilarious Failed Attempt At Restoring A 19th Century Fresco In Borja, Spain (PHOTO) | HuffPost

We’ve always imagined the work of an art restoration to be a painstaking process involving highly-trained individuals crammed in the basement of a museum, slaving over old texts and using many, many tiny paint brushes. We certainly did not picture an elderly volunteer sneaking around in a church, haphazardly painting over a classical image of Jesus until he resembled less the son of God and more a furry, sci-fi creature. 

But that seems to be exactly what happened to a fresco in Spain when an octogenarian decided to take art restoration into her own hands, according to Gawker, who came across the work on Reddit.

Borja’s culture councillor Juan Maria de Ojeda claims that the botched art repair was undertaken without permission, according to an article by El Pais. Though the elderly restorer turned herself in to authorities and made it clear that the project was begun with “good intentions,” de Ojeda points out rather obviously that “she had gotten out of hand.”

Cancel now culture |

So Bad They’re Brilliant? See the 17 Most Bizarre and Completely Outlandish Art Restoration Fails of All Time

“Beast Jesus” is not the only well-intentioned restoration job gone horribly, horribly wrong.

Sarah Cascone, July 15, 2019

Heather Wise’s attempted restoration of a statue of Jesus. Screen grab via YouTube courtesy of Coisas da Net.

A Canadian church had a vandalism problem, with local hoodlums repeatedly decapitating a statue of Mary holding the baby Jesus. When the head finally disappeared for good, local artist Heather Wise offered to replace it free of charge—and the church happily accepted, given that her professional estimate was just $10,000 CAD ($7,300).

But what they got was a freakish, spikey-headed red monstrosity that became a Twitter sensation, often gleefully compared to Lisa Simpson. Wise claimed that the terracotta face, which soon began melting in the rain, was just a temporary placeholder while she carved a stone replacement, but thanks to the media attention, the penitent thief was moved to return the original head.

The church announced plans to clean and restore the statue, but admitted it had actually grown fond of the ridiculous red baby Jesus. Wise, however, wanted it back—it was her most famous work of art, after all.

The Beauty of Darkness As Light Approaches; Deception As Truth |

The Jesus You Always Saw, Never Knew, Set To Become Your Own Personal Nightmare? –



Which Jesus do you know? The pop culture Jesus? The digital teknosapien Jesus of the coming Singularity (discussed below)? The islamic Jesus (Antichrist?)? Or the Jesus of the Bible? We should know Jesus by daily walking with him, with his Word as our guide. We have been conditioned to see Jesus in portrait paintings, which are at odds with scripture’s description of Jesus. At his appearance, will you recognize him by sight or what you hear him say, his Word? Maranatha.

Bewhiched Swhich & The Unraveling of Revelation |

As the mingling becomes the mangling of all things man. We can know the destination beyond the decimation of man, is a Millennial-Renaissance, with man resurgent, and rightly placed, in position amongst the Creation. The Resurrected Triune Man, Jesus Christ The Faithful, the Creator reigning supreme with history past as forthtold and the future pattern as prologue — that prepared from the foundation and built occulted ‘til now — the revelation, pending.

“Beauty in the eye of the Beholder,” The Magician’s Few, chosen, who’s craft scientific, “indistinguishable from magic”, unveils the futurescape otherworldly, far-exceeding what eye hath seen or e’r imagined. Awesome. Mind-blowing. Requiring an upgrade. Beauty restored. Elegant, shimmering, speechless.

Do you hear the call?!

Come with me!

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Grim thought, “Fauci” literally means “Sickle”. Indeed, “They Live!” – Pattern Is Prologue

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