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Perception Is Reality |

It is mind-blowing to consider that the very foundation of every computing device now in use has its root in the ancient divination text of the I-Ching.

Research conducted last year and published in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, revealed that the indigenous people of the Polynesian Island invented a binary number system , similar to the one used by computers to calculate, centuries before Western mathematicians did. Andrea Bender, a cognitive scientist at the University of Bergen in Norway, and her colleague Sieghard Beller, were studying the Mangarevans when they noticed that the inhabitants had words for the numbers 1 to 10, but for numbers 20 to 80 they used a binary system, with separate, one-word terms for 20, 40, and 80. For really large numbers, they used powers of 10 up to at least 10 million.

The article citing this research is titled, Remote islanders invented binary number system before famous mathematician, on the Ancient Origins site.

Shocking, but not. Shocking that there is definitive confirmation that the high-tech systems we use are at their core, derivative of occult practice. No real surprise though, because, no matter what topic you dig into, you are confronted with hidden (occulted) ritualized practice. And I suppose, if folks would have been confronted with this reality historically, of the very essence of personal computing, as controlled by I-Ching language. Well, there would have been push-back.

And yes, we need to perceive that perception is indeed controlled by the reality placed in from of us, programmed into us. More often that not, managed by machines, driven by software languages, ultimately compiled in binary, and doing the bidding of the Developer — The Software Programmer.

These revelations give a whole new perspective to computing network systems of control, currently under attack in the divide and conquer, culture war — that of Master and Slave. With daemons in control, what then is the reality of the Master|Slave hierarchy?

One must take a thorough review of the depth of the perception management of our reality, with this revealed history.

You see, “asking The Universe questions, and getting answers” (and not knowing the actual scientific method for how the answer is derived. Is the very premise for quantum computing, as Geordie Rose stated, founder and reator of DWave. It is imperative that you understand that DWave quantum computers are at the core of the “modern” technological spacetime race. Housed at Google, NASA, USC, CERN, and The Pentagon.

D-Wave, based in British Columbia, is the only company in the world currently offering a functioning quantum computer. They have sold systems, which run in the range of $10 million per computer, to three customers: Lockheed Martin, Google and the Los Alamos national laboratory. However, there are government customers, such as the Navy, who are renting time on D-Wave owned computers.

Quantum computing is one area where the Pentagon worries that it is playing catchup while China continues to leap ahead. The technology is being developed for many civilian applications and the military sees it as potentially game-changing for information and space warfare.

Artificial intelligence algorithms, highly secure encryption for communications satellites and accurate navigation that does not require GPS signals are some of the most coveted capabilities that would be aided by quantum computing.

[O]ne quantum computing company, D-Wave, is forging ahead. It has already won over the Pentagon’s biggest weapons builder and has now received another huge endorsement: a three-way collaboration between the US space agency Nasa, search giant Google and the Universities Space Research Association (USRA) that it will buy the second D-Wave Two computer.

The revelation that machines and machine learning is ritualized at its core, is the basis of understanding at Pattern Is Prologue.

In a forthcoming post, a review of Pentagon symbology, in light of the dark origins of the Defense centroid of the United States — and the connection to occult magickcian Jack Whiteside Parsons, founder of JPL.

Now, if you are a well read, cross-disciplinary reader, you’d know that, the occult is intricately interwoven in intel communities throughout history. As a matter of fact, Need To Know and Compartmentalization, are the basis of secret societies. Which gave rise to all modern Intelligence Agencies.

As such, when we discuss The Pentagon, and it’s desire for

some of the most coveted capabilities, including, Artificial intelligence algorithms, highly secure encryption for communications satellites and accurate navigation that does not require GPS signals. The neural networks of our brain should light up connections overlapping with John Dee, adept Geographer and geomancer, Divinator In Chief to Queen Mary, archetype of Double-O-Seven, yes, that 007.

The occult fabric of the early-modem computing era, goes through the analog machines of International Business Machines, that is IBM and the Hollerith machine, the machines used to manage the populations of Nazi Holocaust concentration camps. Fast-forward to 2020 and we meet IBM’s Artificial Intelligence, Watson, currently used in the medical industry to manage healthcare. Bill Gates recent pink-sweater driven message to conspiracy theorists is falling on deaf hears. As the public becomes aware of the eugenics history that is his story line in and through IBM.

America and The West launched the logic-based tsunami that is now threatening its shores, set to strike deep within the heart of America. Strange it is to recognize that superstition is the basis for supercomputing. And that superstition will likely be a factor in the destruction of the Red Dragon driven Beast System emanating from China. Just as it was once before in Fourteen-Twenty-one, where an entire Imperial fleet of junk ships was destroyed, as the result of an interpretation of heavenly events — superstition ended their ancient quest for superpowerdom.

Our perception of this occult history which shaped our understanding of the internet of everything, as we know it. Should instigate a heretofore unquestioned, new desire to question everything, and what we think we know about everything. Recognizing, it’s as if our entire modern technological infrastructure system is a simulation with a simulation. Because, who among us actually tests “proven facts” set before in this current Age of Scientism? Indeed, our greatest barrier to truth, is the presumption that we already have it.

[Those] who believe in physics, know that the distinction between the past, present, and the future is only a stubbornly persistent illusion.

It is as if our entire universe is nothing more than a thought in the Mind of God.

In The Beginning Was Information | In The Beginning Was Logic |

The ancient origins of remote islanders knowledge of information that runs our “modern” era, is evidence of high-culture from time-immemorial that devolved and subsequently launched the wave now about to crest as the Technological Singularity. Culminating with the release of the ghosts in the machines possessing artificial intelligence – smart machines – and the revelation of the Post Human era and manifestation of The Man Who Would Be King as The Image Of The Beast (whose end is forthtold).

Here now we sit, plugged in to the power-draining matrix of Entertainment in a future that doesn’t need us, with propaganda programming, looking forward to the end of humanity — as the slogan of our defeat.

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