Biden’s Max Headroom Moment? Will We Witness The First Live Deepfake “Debate”?

I surmise that most thinking folk are expecting that the calls for a “virtual” debate between Trump and Biden, is meant to hide Biden’s actual minuscule following, and low voter numbers. And behind that, you have truly concerned folk “thinking” that this is a necessary measure to prevent the spread of the “virus”. The virus may be real, make no mistake though, tyranny is for real.

I’m going to posit the idea that maybe, if this “virtual” debate, were to ever materialize. That we may witness the first live deepfake “debate”.

Biden’s in-n-out at any given time, sounding as if home sometimes and not there other times.

So imagine the shock if Biden 2.0 was rolled out as a deepfake, lucid as the day is long. Totally with it. Meaningful. Trustworthy. Smiling.


So much of history is likely a deepfake borne of technology unknown to the masses. For, if you have the technology for such and such, you can fake such and such, with the same technology. So much of what we’ve been shown through photography, may actually be just a fake. We must at the least, entertain the possibility.

And yet, we are still puzzled by the oddities that we are confronted with daily.

‘What Happened to Kamala Harris’s Face?’ – Democrat Senator Kamala Harris Debuts New, Bizarre Cheeky Look (VIDEO)

Did Hillary Body Double Emerge From Chelsea’s Apartment? | Winter Watch

Witch (sic), gives new meaning to the thought regarding, Hillary’s Two Paths to the White House!

Whatever the case, for sure, deepfake technology’s apex will be imagineering gone mad, debuted as the Image of The Beast — quite possibly rendered with a familiar face.


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