Will Spaced-Based ‘Rod Of God’ Tech Narrative Be Spun As Destruction From Space Debris Field Impacts?

As we approach the Fall, there is much chatter regarding preparation for destruction from incoming space debris.

Shepard Ambellas has heavily researched this topic.

Intellihub’s Ambellas vindicated: Worldwide planetary defense measures activated April 29 confirmed

Claim: FEMA engineer confirms numerous Earthbound asteroids may pose major threat to inhabitants of Earth

July 22 asteroid close approach date, identifier, skewed by MSM: Strike…

131-foot-wide asteroid may strike Earth, airburst in September, space agency says

Biggest asteroid since 2011 flew by Earth undetected in June: Late warning

Asteroid impact drill uncovered: Fictitious press releases reveal government’s April 29 doomsday role-play

9 asteroids pass Earth this week, one as big as a skyscraper

Meteor streaks across Australian sky burning long and bright

Claim: Comet ATLAS and SWAN to intersect over northern hemisphere causing EMP

NASA Planetary Defense Coordination Office on high alert this week as Earth passes through debris cloud: Claim

Meteor streaking across Washington State ends in loud sonic boom

Asteroid larger than Empire State Building moving 28,000 mph skimmed Earth on Thursday, NASA…

Hundreds of field hospitals, tens of thousands of military trauma surgeons, high-level government personnel…

MUST WATCH! Extinction-level event averted? Ambellas, Goodman, and Cullen pop minds on epic podacst

Recently, Dave Hodges pointed out the oddity of a change to Jupiter’s brightness.

Red Alert! What’s Going On with Jupiter?

Any News On Jupiter?

The idea that space-based “Rod of God” will be used under cover of a space debris field intersection with Earth is a real possibility. And fits in with the ongoing deception narrative, where nothing is as it seems.

This Fall is shaping up to be quite the dress rehearsal for that witch (sic) has been forthtold.

Whether it’s war, of rumor of it, social unrest, China-Taiwan, Libya-Turkey, Azerbaijan-Armenia, Covid induced famine, second wave covid, trilogy earthquakes, all happening in various places worldwide as forthtold.

All converging right on time.

What is the trigger event?

It seems as if all systems have been redlining for quite some time now. The cracks are appearing as the unrest of all things Matthew 24.

If this is not a dress rehearsal, well, then I’d expect Project Blue Beam/Real-Fake-As-Hell UFO/Alien invasion around September 18ish.

And before you whack me over the head with your parroting me with the moniker “date setter”, better do your research.

All of these events align too, with Tom Horn’s timeline, per his vision — 2029 Wormwood Impact, mid-Tribulation.

And if this is just an elaborate 1666 replay, I am prepared to for the long haul to 2045. Personally though, I perceive AI as already alive and well; ready to released, in lock-step with whatever the trigger event is, that ends the American Age.

Whether Science Fiction or Science Faction, the two are intersecting in real time as the Spiritual overtakes the Natural for all to see.

“Any sufficiently advanced technology [Science] is indistinguishable from magic.” “The Deep Magic” is the real reality that can be seen only with seeing eyes. It is the tenot that the Spiritual is reality and the Natural is only temporary and fading.

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COG for events “like an asteroid hitting the planet” mentioned in commentary regarding NLPelosi coup 3.0.

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