Hashtag “Epstein is not dead”, Hashtag “George Floyd is not dead” & The Curious Case Of Their Coroner

ANP: More Bombshell Anomalies & Bizarre Oddities Surrounding George Floyd To Kick Off Race Wars & Martial Law In America

– George Floyd & Jeffrey Epstein Had The Same Coroner! Another Piece Of The Puzzle

June 8, 2020

By R.X. Kendrick for All News Pipeline

Anomalies of the George Floyd “event” in Minneapolis, Minnesota have come to light leading some to question what they saw. To know if this was an entirely staged false flag, or what.

IndependentSentinel.com reported March 12, Mainstream Media hosts “Greta Van Sustren, Megyn Kelly and others on FOX asked their guests… who is behind the assault on the Trump rally.” U.S. Attorney General William Barr answered the “Who-Dunnit” question with this public statement: “The violence instigated and carried out by Antifa and other similar groups in connection with the rioting is domestic terrorism and will be treated accordingly.”

Intuitively people on both sides of the fence, 1) conspiracy-nuts and 2) mainstream-mugs both, seem to know SOMEBODY is pulling the strings behind the scenes in the racially motivated assaults and riots. Journalists have addressed this in numerous stories with headlines that put it bluntly: “Shocking Evidence That Indicates Somebody is Trying to Orchestrate An Internal Uprising Inside the United States” / End of the American Dream

“VT Spots Army Intelligence Dressed As Antifa at Protests, Inciting Violence” / Veterans Today

If you run with this line of thinking you wonder, not only WHO this “somebody” really is, but also what is the “goal” of their plan? Which leads to the next most-obvious question: What was “their plan” to begin with? The general consensus seems to be, “They” needed a “spark” racial-event to kick off the “prescheduled” campaigns of race-rage in targeted cities across the United States.  

Eyewitnesses have reported seeing support teams in action providing bricks to people to throw at police or business windows for looting. Other reports have police finding caches of rocks, bricks and other riot supplies like fire-bombs in different cities. Which identifies the FACT that the second phase of this unfolding racial violence was definitely premeditated, preplanned, prepared. With supplies in place in-advance.

There was foreknowledge and advance set-up to support the riots. There was “coordination” as Veterans Today described in great detail and other sources also reported widely. Which has everyone on both sides of the fence agreeing SOMEBODY is behind all of this. Which leads to one of the biggest anomalies of this whole string of events.

How did all of the riot support teams get in the different riot cities and set up for the riots in advance, if they didn’t already know “when”the riots were to begin?

Get my drift? It certainly does appear the date of the primary trigger for the rioting must have been known in advance too. Which means in this case, the date bad white cop would put his knee on the neck crime suspect black man was known in advance, since it was the trigger to the rioting that was all prepared for, ready and waiting in the riot cities ahead of time.

If this logical progression is indeed true and accurate. We know the specific “initiating event” in Minneapolis must have been staged to be “the trigger-event” to start the rioting. If the date was foreknown – the event on that date had to be foreknown, premeditated and staged too.

In recent false flag events the perpetrators have been caught advertising for crisis actors beforehand. This is because they need actors since it is not real but staged. Do we know if there were actors involved in what appeared to be the murder of George Floyd? Yes, we do. The main star of the murder was porn actor George Floyd.

False flag events frequently have some key evidence missing completely. Was there any key evidence missing in the George Floyd assault event? Yes, there was a lot of footage from a number of camera sources, including surveillance video footage from nearby businesses. But somehow no video footage has appeared showing George Floyd passing his counterfeit $20 bill. The crime he purportedly committed.

Isn’t that odd?

Another oddity with this alleged crime… Most counterfeiters would not park across the street from where they passed the bad money. Then let employees cross the street to confront them and tip them off! They’re about to be turned in to the local police! Instead of leaving immediately George Floyd leaves his friend’s passenger door open and sits there till the cops come. Very strange to stay there like that, instead of leaving.

According to PNC.com:

Fake Money in Circulation 

“Any bills from $5 to $100 can be forged,” said Trevor Buxton, certified fraud examiner at PNC Bank.

The $20 bill is far and away the most frequently counterfeited. Since fraudsters are investing so much time and money to do this, they want to make the most significant profit. Fraudulent notes larger than $20 are more obvious, and smaller ones are hardly worth the effort.

Who was the unnamed passenger, BTW? Was he in on the supposed $20 counterfeit scheme, or was he part of the false flag film crew with nowhere to go, and nothing to do? Nobody ever interviewed him or quoted him saying anything. Hmmm… That’s strange too, isn’t it? An accomplice who walks free without even getting questioned?

Crisis actors normally know each other since they’re in a false flag film together. Did it apply to this so-called murder of black-guy by white-cop? Yes, it did. Crisis actor George Floyd and white cop Derek Chauvin knew each other from working at the same business for years according to mainstream media.

But in false flag filming the actors have to “stay in-character” and never let on they know each other. Did this happen in this poorly produced and staged event? Yes, it did. Despite knowing each other from doing the same shift job together at the same place – for years before this. Neither Floyd nor Chauvin recognized each other during his murder footage?

Neither acknowledged they already knew each other during the whole entire skit. Very, very weird unless they were both acting. If this was real, any two guys who knew each other would be using the other’s name, not acting like they’d never seen each other in their whole lives.

It should have been, “Derek, get off my neck dude? What are you doing?” Or, “George, stop resisting man. I said stop it Floyd!”Shoulda-coulda-woulda’ if it was happening in reality.

Why in the world in a real-life situation, where you’re about to be murdered by your friend, or about to murder a friend… would both people keep acting like they didn’t know each other? This could end up being fatal! Where one kills the other, one dies, and it starts pre-planned race riots all across the United States at the same time.

In cities pre-stocked with supplies like bricks on pallets for rioters to throw waiting for the trigger event to happen. If their plan worked well, as a good trigger to start real racial fire-riots and cause division and violence and disorder. Why not do it again like they did 3-days later in Paris, France? Where the same event took place again with French-speaking actors to start the race riots there.

Then they did it again 2-days after that in Madrid, Spain and a new Spanish-speaking cast.

All of this is strange, odd, almost incomprehensible if this really was reality.

Like the police officer never asking for Floyd’s license. Then EMT’s who look like SWAT guys with bullet-proof vests! No protocol to look at the driver’s license. No protocol for throwing Floyd on the stretcher without attending him in any EMT kind of way.

Meanwhile, Derek Chauvin and the other officers don’t bother to get the store’s video footage of Floyd giving the attendant his counterfeit $20 bill? But the craziest thing the police did not do? Seems obvious to everybody now.

Where is the counterfeit $20? Forget the missing surveillance video. What happened to the hard evidence? Is there really a fake $20 in circulation? Did it have fingerprints on it? Where is it anyway? 

Certainly there is basic protocol to collect the evidence and take it back to the precinct since there must be other counterfeiters involved, not just one guy. This story stinks to high heaven! But I do hope actor George Floyd is okay somewhere, maybe spending his money on an extended vacation. Hopefully he’s not dead. I don’t believe he is. Crisis actors don’t really die, and he was the star of this flick. I think he’s alive and well and glad as hell he got away with it. Unless this is not the real George Floyd we are meant to believe he is…

Another anomaly factor playing into this porn actor’s supposed death. Somehow George Floyd got THE SAME “suspicious coroner”sex offender Jeffrey Epstein got at his reported death. Say what? Is this fake news? IT HAS TO BE !!!

How does something like this really happen in reality? George Floyd and Jeffrey Epstein had the same guy do their “so-called” autopsies?And Epstein’s death was a quagmire of non-reality with no camera footage, guards not on duty, an anonymous employee who thought he saw Epstein get switched out for somebody else in the wee hours of the morning. When strange things were happening with official vehicles showing up on that very same night. A “transport vehicle” meant to take someone somewhere, when they never showed up in the middle of the night.

I just don’t believe all of this is coincidence. I don’t believe any of it.

Conservative firebrand Candace Owens has a good take on this whole thing. Look what she says in a recent Newsweek interview:

“We are being sold a lot of lies at the detriment to the black community, at the detriment to the white community and at the detriment to America as a whole.” 
“For whatever reason it has become fashionable over the last five or six years for us to turn criminals into heroes overnight. It is something I find despicable. George Floyd was not an amazing person. George Floyd is being upheld as an amazing human being.” Owens alleged that Floyd was high at the time of his death and pointed to his criminal history. Floyd’s criminal past included spent five years behind bars for robbery and assault.

“We shouldn’t be buying T-shirts with his name on it,” she said. “He was a violent criminal,” she said of Floyd.

Owens added, “Everyone is pretending that this man lived a heroic lifestyle. We are embarrassing in that regard. Nobody wants to tell the truth in black America. Our biggest problem is us.” She concluded the clip by saying, “Anyway, this is just a rant because I have been feeling super, super annoyed by these depictions in society. I have no apologies to make. George Floyd is not my martyr. He can be yours.”

Owens also took to Twitter on June 4 during the broadcast of Floyd’s emotional memorial service. She called out Meghan Markle and President Trump in scathing Tweets, slamming them for “treading to remain relevant by pretending to care about black American issues that he knows nothing about,” along with Joe Biden for attending the funeral.

As terribly produced false flags all do, this one keeps looking worse over time as more things are exposed and come to light. Now Timothy D. Japhet, attorney from Corpus Christi, Texas reports he was “real” George Floyd’s court-appointed “Guardian Ad Litem.”Before the ‘real George died’ in 2017 at Spohn Memorial ICU and was buried in Flour Bluff, Texas. The coastal waterfront that faces the Laguna Madre of the west bank Intra-Coastal Canal across from Padre Island by the JFK bridge.  (ANP: While this claim appears to be legit, remember warnings that globalists would flood the internet with false information to make real information seem to be false, too, so take this with a grain of salt.)

Timothy D. Japhet, Attorney at Law:

“I was George Floyd’s lawyer; Dumbasses can’t even pick a good fake dead guy.”
“Now is the time to get mad… Now is the time to approach your leaders and ask them how much more before they stand up and fight for us I have never mentioned anything but facts witnessed with my own eyes. I saw the vacant tents set up around the hospitals for the sick that never came. I watched as businesses closed to a hoax. I saw bodies removed from homes Because they were too afraid to go to the hospital because of quarantine. I saw Our leaders shred the constitution that elected them.
“Now I saw a black man who I played college football against allegedly killed on camera 30 years later…but guess what….They messed up…that’s not the same guy. I remember this guy and he died a few years ago right here in Corpus Christi.
“I was his lawyer;…..Dumbasses can’t even pick a good fake dead guy.
“Back when he played it was Texas A&I, It was the original junior college for kids who couldn’t get into the major schools. This guy and Johnny Bailey played together. I played for Abilene Christian University as a walk on. I was not good and didn’t last a few cuts each year. My freshman year we played them in Abilene, Johnny Bailey single-handedly beat us on two toss sweeps and a punt return. Sadly, He abruptly passed after a stellar year with the Chicago Bears.
“However, The name of the man they are using who died? He died here in Corpus Christi three years ago. He did play for Texas A&I and he did live on the streets here and he did die here. However He didn’t die in Minnesota.
“To top it off I was his Court Appointed Guardian Ad Litem before he passed at Spohn Memorial. …..Before he died me and him talked about that game with Johnny Bailey and Abilene Christian and Texas A&I in 1989.
“So What I’m telling you is that the man they claim who died in Minneapolis at the hands of the police did not die there……that man died in Corpus Christi, TX in Christus Spohn Memorial ICU with me as his Guardian Ad Litem and he is buried at the paupers cemetery in Flour Bluff. His sister flew down here from Minnesota saying she was going to give him a proper burial but she never came back officially. Though since then that body could’ve been removed, Nobody keeps too much of an account of the cemetery anyhow.
“So now what are we gonna do about this?”


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