We live in the greatest story ever imagined. We sit at the precipice of the greatest science faction event ever, set to disrupt the division of time, on the level of Birth of Christ.

The truth about the Rapture has been deliberately concealed!

I hope not to ever write another post about the craziness of idiocracy that we live in, in these final days. Black Mirror-ist, Charlie Brooker summed it up best describing the dystopian era we now live in. Dystopia is passé.

Hope. Hope is cheap these days. And yet, hope evidences the reality of hereafter. Hope is the bedrock of the pilgrim’s journey.

If dystopia is so yesteryear. What is avant garde? What is on the cutting edge? What is on the futurescape?


We need to look no further than the cyclical nature of human history to note that newness is borne of oldness. You see, there’s nothing new under the sun as the Jedi archetype Solomon the Wise crypted.

At the seemingly darkest hour, nearing midnight, the time of thieves, an event unparalleled in history will trigger the end of the human era.

That event is enigmatically wrapped in the phrase, “The Blessed Hope”, the Harpazo (Greek), the Rapio (Latin), — The Rapture, as it is read in English.

Now, before you switch off, either because you’ve been mistaught (or not taught at all) on the subject, or you haven’t considered or realized the connection to science-fiction lore. Let’s cover those connections to our understanding of this momentous er, shall we say, the twinkling of a moment, event.

Contrary to what many say and teach, the Rapture does not have its origin in the 19th century, beginning with Darby. Rather, there is a contiguous thread of teachings on this event, preceding Darby, heralding back to the teachings of Paul. And frankly, no other topic is so hotly contested for lack of knowledge. And no other topic requires more knowledge of the Scripture than this event wrapped in mystery, steeped in history, and revealing Christology.

Recognizing this reality of sound doctrine traceable back to the times of the authors of Scripture. We would do well to not only to take the time to study the topic in depth, but verse by verse. Furthermore, as pattern is prologue, it is indeed noteworthy that, just as false teachers had crept in unawares historically. That is the modus operandi of infiltration of not only the Church. But the history of every culture, inclusive of modern pop. Crystallized by the staff wielded by the entity Hollywood, who resides in the city of fallen angels – Los Angeles, as they are known.

As is understood, science-fiction is the encrypting of what is possible now, to the realm of fantasy — the Future. You see, we live in the magical numbed by the normalcy of a world that hides the presence of God, the God who is there.

Disclosure is happening with greater intensity and frequency. In lock step with the global events described in Matthew 24. That lead up to the birth of the Millennial Age (hijacked by the Power Elite occultists, heralded as the New World Order), aptly described as a woman experiencing contractions as she gives birth. Aren’t wars, earthquakes, plague, and famine not happening with greater intensity and frequency?

How peculiar then to recognize the hijacking of the Rapture by the New Age and Science Fiction cultures, with events mirroring mass removal and the disappearance of millions of people. Those who’s one unifying common trait is that they were in word and deed little christs— Christians.

If, by fact, you recognize, that we should not let our current presuppositions inhibit new discovery. Take a first step in understanding the forthtelling of events by way of historical symbology, is the process of God conveying his plan for man. The plan laid out in The Feasts of the Lord shows us this (as described in Leviticus).

And just as miraculous as the rebirth of Israel (not to mention the many hundreds of other prophecies fulfilled), so too, is the realization that the feasts describe events linked to the First and Second Coming. The first four of the seven feasts having fulfillment in the Advent of Christ. With the fifth feast, The Feast of Trumpets, signifying the end of the Age of Grace — The Church Age.

Two final curiosities that veil the clarity of understanding this rapturous event. The illogical conclusion that Christ Himself does not know the day and hour of this event*. And the historical calendar fudging that is not accounted for by moderna regarding those of Jesus kin, His people, the Jews.

Matthew 25:13 (KJV) Watch therefore, for ye know neither the day nor the hour wherein the Son of man cometh.

Here are three observations on the above verse.

1. We are instructed to watch (for something we can’t perceive, notice, discern, discover?). Reading between the lines points to a greater discovery.

2. The day you don’t know, that of which, the day and hour is observed by Jews watching the horizon for the moon, is referencing specific day.

3. Considering that the Apocalypse (meaning Revelation, i.e. the book of), is literally the unveiling of who Jesus Christ is, as God, and the subsequent forthtelling of future events, the Science Faction reality in which we are currently immersed. It logically follows then, of course Jesus now knows the day when He will end the Church Age (The Rapture) and commence with the horrors of Jacob’s Trouble, The Great Tribulation as detailed in The Book of Revelation (not “Revelations”; there is one Revelation, that being who Jesus is).

2 Peter 3:8 (KJV) But, beloved, be not ignorant of this one thing, that one day is with the Lord as a thousand years, and a thousand years as one day.

From this we discern that, just as the world was created in six days, likewise God will finish his work with man (6 thousand years), and rest/reign in the seventh — The Millennial Age, for 1,000 years, from David’s throne in Jerusalem, according to the Scriptures. We reckon our current year as 2020 and the Jews’ calendar year is 5780. Don’t you see we have 220 years until the year 6,000? Indeed, hindsight is 2020. And it’s clear there have been historical miscalculations/manipulations of the Jewish calendar**. Much like the obscuring of Isaiah 53, and the absence of teaching on the understanding of the expected Messiah during Jesus’ day. Indeed, the time is short.

For the eugenes, those who search with all readiness, intent on new discovery. Remember, hidden within Scripture, here a little, there a little, was the mathematical prophecy of the of the very day Christ announced Himself as the long awaited King of the Jews.

In similar fashion there are no less than eight calcuolatory references about the duration of the first and second half of the final seven year Tribulation, which ends in the Second Coming of Christ.

Ought nought there be some overlooked calcuolatory passage pointing to His concealed Appearance (not to be confused with his Return, where every eye will behold Him).

Come look with me to see if these things are so!

Come watch with me!

T-minus 122 days ‘til Rosh Hashanah (Feast of Trumpets), September 18, 2020.


Ed. notes:

*It follows logically that Jesus instructed John the Revelator to, “write the things which thou hast seen, and the things which are, and the things which shall be hereafter” Revelation 1:19 (KJV), inclusive of the Rapture. Of course Jesus knows the Day and Hour!

**I cannot the re-find the intended reference to the discrepancies of the Jewish calendar.

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