Why is Microsoft (Bill Gates) helming the JEDI?

Joint Enterprise Defense Infrastructure – Wikipedia

The Joint Enterprise Defense Infrastructure(JEDI) contract is a large United States Department of Defense cloud computing contract which has been reported as being worth $10 billion.[1][2] Companies interested in the contract included Amazon, Google, Microsoft, Oracle, IBM and REAN Cloud, part of Hitachi Data Systems.[3]

Fact: Bill Gates’ mother was on the board of IBM.

Fact: Bill Gates father was head of Planned Parenthood and worked for Cold Springs Harbor Laboratory. Both organizations have deep eugenics history.

Fact: Bill Gates in not a medical doctor. (Remarkably though, he has been (P)iled (h)igh and (D)eep, from no less than seven universities.

Fact: Bill Gates said, “… if we do a really good job on vaccines …” that will help with the population “problem” he deems as negative.

Fact: Vaccines can be used to sterilize the host.

Fact: Alleged satanist witch (you be the judge if you think she’s just a “performance” artist as she claims) Maria Abramovic was cast as a furturist spelling out an avant-garde art performance ad for Microsoft? Did I mention this coincided with Good Friday?

“Innovators are not a product of happenstance. Instead, they are a by-product of the compounding effect of a series of early childhood influences.

We are witnessing Childhoods End with the rise of anti-human Technocracy. With the helm of the technocracy guided by deep-seated tech corporations, all with arguably compromised leadership who serve interests that do not align with a Constitutional Republic’s Rule of Law.

Does anyone care that Microsoft is at* the helm of the Pentagon’s JEDI cloud project?

Does anyone care that the Amazon almost had the JEDI cloud contract?

You would be naive to think that Bill Gates recent departure from Microsoft, somehow negates the potential for Deep State incursion and subjugation into all things pro-human.

Why are our tax dollars being used to fund, infiltrate, annihilate all things pro-human, while simultaneously enduring the corporate-crony-capitalist system that has flourished by way of bogus “philanthropist” tax-free shelters for the Deep State super-rich?

The race to AI by the tax-funded/tax-free tech giants, whether it’s go-it-alone or through alliance, is the road to humanity’s destruction.

These mere words are my humble attempt to slay one giant by way of a blackstone-crystal-pen (iPhone). May Providence guide my sling hurled by the very web of their making.

Editor note:

*Technically, Microsoft won the contract. But, the day before JEDI went live, the project was put on hold, for review, per the protest of Microsoft competitors.

Regardless of who wins the contract. The American people lose. The whole lot of the big tech companies involved in the JEDI product, are at their root, evil. Masquerading as what they are not. And their end game does not have a human-driven future as their foundation or motive. Rather, they are deceivers, “deceiving and being deceived” as a means to gain their end.

Regardless of whether Microsoft is awarded the JEDI contract. Microsoft’s multi-billion dollar breadth-and-depth of unfettered access to our military is nothing less than shocking.

We would be remiss to think that software back door access to the Microsoft realm was not built into the architecture from inception.

Furthermore, undisputed reigning mapping software production giant — ESRI enjoys unparalleled access to Federal government. Take note, ubiquitous ArcGIS mapping software sits on Microsoft architecture.

Who is watching the watchers, as the whole system has been compartmentalized, and factionalized on a need-to-know basis (mirroring the architecture of the very secret societies that formed America’s “intelligence” services.?

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