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The videos (of the same time length uploaded today, are the same video, with different titles).



-Welcome to PIP


-As my tag line says, PIP shares “IDEAS, THEORIES, REVIEWS ON EVERYTHING”.  So, if you are interested in sharing something via a guest post or vlog.  You can contact me at


-we keep it real, no alternative, likely to have background noise, kids, dogs, cats


-I’d like to start focusing on what’s coming after the apocalypse


-It would seem our focus is on the Apoc


-First, define Apoc




-Matthew 24 and synoptic / semi-synoptic? gospel sections




-I’d like to put this out there for folks to start thinking about, going over, researching before we start.


-Might give a month or two, so you can buy, read, prep for collaboration.


-In the meantime time I’d like to put out at least two vids, an apologetics timeline workflow infograph that I’ve started, and another crucial un-revealed topic that needs to be addressed.


-Before we start let’s remember our limited knowledge position, and our need to remain open-minded.

-It’s been said, “The greatest obstacle to truth, is the presumption that we already have it.”


-This book blew my mind.  I’ve listened to it once, and read thru it once.


-Ready Player One mindset.


-Game of Thrones is the Game of Rewards.


-Read passage.


-Again, I’d like to collaborate with others, read thru the book via vlog, and discuss the content.


-So, please get the book, read, and let me know you’d like to join the discussion.


-I’d like to close out with another piece to the timeline puzzle.


-Where are we on the timeline?


-Razors edge? Or 2040/60?


-Calendars fudged?



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