Pattern Is Prologue | Vlog Debut Script (Video Posted!)

Welcome to “Pattern is prologue“, my name is Hugh, I’m the author and editor of Pattern is prologuePattern is prologue is a repository of ideas, theories, reviews of everything.  Patterns, habits, rituals are the fabric – the warp and woof, of our lives.  Patterns epigenetically expressed from the DNA of our ancestors.  Patterns of thought, action, interaction and silence.  Patterns are the key to the future, threaded through the elliptical orbits of all we come in to contact with daily, the history of our lives, the history of humanity.  Whether we like it or not, we live meshed together under grids of entanglement, bound within the reality of where it is that we find our 24/7 cycle of home, work, sleep.  And surrounding us are fabrics of nature and textiles of human invention – technology, ever encroaching, ever assimilating, ever onward.  Pattern is prologue will be a clearing house of sorts, a warehouse of ideas, a place that discusses theories on everything.  Good, bad, and ugly.  The gritty details will be the emphasis of this site.  And attention to detail through the lens of critical thought, will be the measure how the loom of literature unfolds and transforms the mind of the reader to see new perspectives.  Threaded thoughts spooled from the mind of man will weave together patches from technology, futurism, science fiction, science faction, gadgetry, cinematography, politics, spirituality, and history. Though Pattern is prologue will cover such a wide spectrum of topics, the core paradigm will operate from a design perspective.  Design implies a designer and engineering form and function implies a purpose.  And if there’s a reason for said design, that implies accountability. This simple logic is missing from the dialogue of modern culture.  Pattern is prologue is a fairly new site, previously I authored the site Forthtell at WordPress.  Forthtell analyzed the patterns we are daily immersed in through the lens of Scripture.  Forthtelling is the method by which God validates the authenticity of Scripture by detailing future events, otherwise known as prophecy.  Pattern IS prologue when analyzing prophetic types forthtold throughout Scripture.  The modern church has neglected to study these patterns, missing an opportunity to show the relevance of prophecy in the modern world.  Once you see the patterns you see prophetic types written into pop-culture echoing events on the horizon. Do you see things differently?  Would you like to contribute to Pattern is prologuePattern is prologue is going to be covering topical issues mentioned above and digging into the details in a Genesis to Revelation in-depth study.  If you want to meet weekly in person, as a 501c3-FREE church.  To discusses the relevancy of the church in the 21st century, in context of going through the bible, verse by verse, line upon line, Genesis to Revelation.  Then please contact me at patternisprologue[at]gmail. I live in the South Orange County (California) area.  What:  Are you interested in demonstrating the relevancy of Jesus in the 21st century?  Are you not ashamed to share the gospel of Jesus Christ?  Do you recognize we are in the age of universal deceit?  Are you willing to show the relevancy of Truth in our modern day?  What is truth?  That is a great start once we get several people interested in meeting weekly.  The modern church has been dumbed down, and there is a lack of emphasis on showing how the Bible is relevant today.  Prophecy should be regularly studied and discussed.  Clean food, clean diet, clean healthy living should be taught and emphasized as we are the temple of God, and we should strive for this goal.  Let’s ask questions.  Let’s question everything and encourage healthy debate. No sacred cows! Most of those who attack the veracity of Scripture are willfully ignorant of what Scripture actually says.  Let’s study together so we can readily answer those who are seeking truth.  Please reach out and let me know your thoughts and how you’d like to see Pattern is prologue make a difference in the culture war.  I’ll start the discussion by showing you the sites that I visit regularly.  I do not necessarily agree with the content of these sites (as you will see).  My goal is to discover the trends, the patterns of culture that are observed by reading the news.

#CNN (“know they enemy”)

#Drudge Report (I have noticed issues w/ content as of late; I’d like to revisit this topic)

#Steve Quayle

#Infowars (Newswars)


#Before It’s News

Exploring Patreon

Backing up videos on Brighteon

Plan to use Gab (and Twitter, ‘til I’m banned).

Drudge WF?!


Hand Signs

Stay Woke

Jennifer Buscemi

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