Bucket List: Antler Shed Hunting

4 Shed Hunting Experts Told Us Their Strategy for Finding Antlers
Want to find more shed deer antlers? Take notes from these regional experts
By Andrew McKean January 9, 2018
Some day I’d like to plan a trip into the wild to gather antler sheds.



DIY is so much more interesting, considering the effort you put into crafting something.
Someday, pending that antler shed trip ever happens, I’d like to recover enough to craft a chandelier.


Realistically, this will never happen (you should see my bucket list). So, I’m shopping ‘round ideas on where to acquire bulk antler. I’ve always thought antler craft was cool, but lately my interest is from a health and wellness perspective. The health and wellness of my family dogs.

Hands down, antler chews are best solution for the care of your dog’s teeth and general overall health.


For a fascinating background and insight into why antler is so beneficial for your dog. Read the following background.

“The Chemistry of the Growth of Deer Antlers Introduction YouTube Video I chose to research the growth of deer antlers. This decision was easily made due to my interest in anatomy, biology, and hunting. This knowledge will help me better understand why antlers grow the way they do, and it will also help the deer population with the understanding of what comes into play in knowing whether a deer is healthy or not, and which animal is an ethical shot.
For a long time people thought that once the velvet was shed that there was no “food” supply for the antlers so they become “dead bone”. But this is not true, the antler actually has a vascular system running through it, keeping it moist. Also, the mineralization process is thought to not end until a few weeks before the antler itself is cast away. Just because the antler is considered a “living bone” does not mean that it has nerves running through it anymore. WIth the shedding of the velvet the nerve supply from the trigeminal nerve die, so a deer with a broken antler did not feel the break.
Testosterone allows the body to keep the antlers, but when they supply drops so does the ability to keep them. Basically the deer’s body sends osteoclasts to break down the bone, this process is known as osteoclastic resorption.

Recently, on a rare visit to the vet (that’s a whole other story/post), the vet was amazed at my dog’s healthy teeth. I attribute that to their diet (another forthcoming post), and the elk antler chews.

Now, if you get your antlers from PetCo or Pet Smart you will pay way more for way less. So, shop around online (or local), to see where you can acquire antlers for your furry friends. We can been buying elk antlers from MichiganAntlerArt.com for years.


Make sure to read up on the right type and size that is appropriate for your pet. And check out the bulk pricing for savings. Your pet’s health and wellness are worth it.

Let me know if you’d like to plan a wilderness antler trek!


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