Best Dog Ball Ever, Indestructible, And It Floats (And Bounces Too)!

You really can have it all, indestructible, floats, and bounces, … a ball for all!

IMG_3870 2
For a while there, I was blowing through dog-popped tennis balls. And that would inevitably happen, within minutes of being new.  Pop! My Weimaraner would deflate the ball. And then sometime later it would end up in the pool, fill with water, and sink. Only to clog the pool vacuum, thus creating more work for me.  This was an endless repetition of events, until a buyer of one of my pups told me about the West Paws ball (I had searched the internet before and not come across this ball).  The buyer said his last dog loved this ball, and playing with it in the pool.  Now I have a whole new problem. Keeping track of my dog’s beloved ball.  We are on our fifth West Paws Jive ball now.  They either get thrown down the street (and lost in bushes), or bounce over the backyard wall into the neighbor’s abyss, never to be seen again.

IMG_3674 2

I suggest you but two each time you make a purchase (and this will be necessary, periodically), as you are bound to lose one.  You’ll have a sullen dog searching for his beloved ball.  I suggest you get the lighter colors so you can engrave it with a name, black marker tends to wash off too easy.  You will get your balls confused with the neighbor’s, … once you’ve told them about the rad West Paws indestructible, floating, bouncy ball.

IMG_3498 2

Make sure to get the appropriate size for your dog.  And they’ll likely carry the ball around as if it were a pacifier – because it is.

Take note that West Paws is a small business (living the dream) out of Montana (go Made In the USA).

And while you are at it, check out all their other dog-friendly products.

One final tip: if you take you new Jive ball to the beach, keep it in the water, otherwise it’s bound to get lost in the sand (ugh!).


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