Hunt, or be hunted.

You are being hunted regardless of whether or not you act like an apex predator (which you are).

You are being hunted by other apex predators — human and non-human the like.

But, chances are you wallow around wetlands fed by streaming channels of bingeable flat-screen fed virtual oases.

And in case it never dawned on you, apex predators designed the very system entertaining you, programming you, turning you into a zombified couch potato, stuffed, sided, served.

So, you’re surfing channels and come across the Shark Week smorgasbord. Or you’re charging thru the channels and find yourself memorized by Alaska: The Final Frontier (so we’re told). Or as you leap from network to network, you find yourself transfixed by American Ninja Warrior. Chuckling aside, these are your latent apex predator skills being fed and sustained, so as to distract you from fully developing your true potential. Just as football replaced warrior clans fighting for real tangible destiny-worthy causes, issues, domains. Now, face-painted, beer-gutted, betas cheer on their favorite pigskin “team”. Played by “men” who switch sides for the right price and are owned by aloof billionaires (who have “their stadiums payed for at tax payer expense).

It’s time to kill the television, so we sing, “hunting killed the VR star”, instead of “video killed the radio star.” In reality video’s killing the human race. Slated for VR dreams and hunting scenes where you never leave your chair. Sedentary. A sitting duck. A resting gazelle. A wallowing boar, bored to death. Preyed upon, hunted, killed.

Zzzzzzzzzzzzzaaaaap! That is the sound of a heatwave driven meltdown of the electrical grid. Compound with that comes social unrest and rioting as hordes of mindless apex predators hunt for food, water, and televisions!

Your survival skills start to kick in. Naked and afraid, you wonder if you have what it takes to sustain the onslaught. That is not the time to be wondering or wandering. You must be resolute, determined, skilled to survive. Survival of the fit, starts with wit, and the mind is the realm of reality where the battle begins. For, “the mind is a terrible thing to waste.”

Recognize, you are being hunted. By psychopaths and paranormals the like. Yes, you have a mind and spirit, you are spiritual — yet another difference that sets you apart from other apex predators of the animal kingdom. You think, you reason, you commune. Like it or not, the massless real you, is eternal. And that is step one in the right direction. Recognition of the spirit realm. And that you are the prey of super intelligent massless beings hellbent on your eternal (the massless part of you is not subject to time or entropy) destruction. Therefore pray, or become prey.

Amor up! Take a defensible position and debate with yourself, everyone, anyone who will. The battle of the mind is of the greatest import. For here, destinies are decided, realms overthrown, kingdoms eternal are founded. “Knowing is half the battle.” And doing ensures the victory. Know thy foe as thy friend. Know his wiles, his vices, his modus. And steel thy mind, or your mind will be stolen. We must see the darkness, we must see the warlocks as generals, and witches as infantrymen.

The intersection of sprit and mass is the human domain. And the hunt is the game from time immemorial. The hunt for truth. The hunt for food, shelter, community. Hunt or be hunted. That is reality. By and large, humanity is not the danger, unless you take their television. And that happens in a grid-down scenario. And that appears to be the way of the future for those hugging the precipice of the affluenzapocalypse, the waning hours of a people indifferent to the reality of the cycle of history — …

Hunting is a practical skill that should be honed in preparation in advance of circumstances where survival depends on it. Furthermore, hunting familiarizes you with tools not used in everyday scenarios, save you own a ranch or are a ranch hand or the like. Those tools being firearms, guns, weapons that your life may depend on.

I am by no means a survivalist. I am a realist. I see life optimistically tempered by reality. And I see the practical benefits of knowing the how to do, what to do, when, where, and why.

I am a proud alpha male that loves his wife and children. I am raising alpha male boys and beautiful family loving girls. I humbly admit my fallen nature and graciously lead my children to the crossroad of the straight and narrow. They are taught how to be wise as serpents and gentle as doves, to be both lion and lamb, to fight the good fight.

And that fight is both spiritual and natural. An observation lost on “modern” man. The fool who says there is no God and the foolish who limit God while simultaneously underestimating their enemy. For cunning is their enemy, camouflaging, invisible, shifty, posing as the philanthropist, hunting the domesticated.

You see, hunt or be hunted. If you are not hunting, or at least engaged in tangential activities, i.e. methods, processes, supporting the hunt/er, you are more than likely to be the quarry of an apex predator. Camping, wayfinding, foraging, tracking are all practical skillsets that should be developed in advance of their necessity for survival. And practical head knowledge can precede the field, where you get hands on knowledge. Get books! Support your local used bookstore and get books on camping, wayfinding, foraging, tracking, fishing, and hunting. (Build an offline library, considering you may always have access (or want access) to the web.)

Do you hunt? Encourage others to do likewise. Do you know someone who hunts? Glean all you can from them, let them be your hunting sherpa. Would you like to hunt? Join a local hunting club. The death of hunting leads to domestication, social disease, and decay. Loss of sight of the way forward along the journey in front of each of us leads to the wide path of destruction grazed by the befuddled masses — the herd that has not heard the howl of the wolves encroaching.

If you hear the voice of the huntsman blazing the path to the straight and narrow. Join me in the hunt, don the mantle of the sheepdog. Fear not the fowler, dread not wolves in sheep’s clothing. Become the hunter. Pray or become the prey. Stay the course. Join the journey, the search party for all who are willing to see the world as it is — the domain of man where man is hunted, and where man must fight back! Hunt or become the hunted!


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  1. Thank you! Look who just returned to the heavenly scene:

    Orion the Hunter returns before dawn | Tonight | EarthSky
    5 days ago – Orion the Hunter – the most noticeable of constellations – returns to the east before dawn in each year at this time.

    Bullinger on Orion
    29. Orion (the Glorious One)

    This picture is to show that the coming one is no mere animal, but a man: a mighty, triumphant, glorious prince.

    He is so pictured in the ancient Denderah Zodiac, where we see a man coming forth pointing to the three bright stars (Rigel, Bellatrix, and Betelguez) as his. His name is given as Ha-ga-t, which means this is he who triumphs. The hieroglyphic characters below read Oar. Orion was anciently spelt Oarion, from the Hebrew root, which means light. So that Orion means coming forth as light. The ancient Akkadian was Ur-ana, the light of heaven.

    Orion is the most brilliant of all the constellations, and when he comes to the meridian he is accompanied by several adjacent constellations of great splendour. There is then above the horizon the most glorious view of the celestial bodies that the starry firmament affords; and this magnificent view is visible to all the habitable world, because the equinoctial line (or solstitial colure) passes nearly through the middle of Orion.

    ARATUS thus sings of him:

    “Eastward, beyond the region of the Bull,
    Stands great Orion. And who, when night is clear,
    Beholds him gleaming bright, shall cast his eyes in vain
    To find a Sign more glorious in all heaven.”

    The constellation is mentioned by name, as being perfectly well known both by name and appearance, in the time of Job; and as being an object of familiar knowledge at that early period of the world’s history. See Job 9:9; 38:31, and Amos 5:8 (Heb. Chesil, which means a strong one, a hero, or giant).

    It contains 78 stars, two being of the 1st magnitude, four of the 2nd, four of the 3rd, sixteen of the 4th, etc.

    A little way below i (in the sword) is a very remarkable nebulous star. A common telescope will show that it is a beautiful nebula. A powerful telescope reveals it as consisting of collections of nebulous stars, these again being surrounded by faint luminous points, which still more powerful telescopes would resolve into separate stars.

    Thus beautifully is set forth the brilliancy and glory of that Light which shall break forth when the moment comes for it to be said, “Arise, shine, for thy light is come.”

    The picture presents us with “the Light of the world.” His left foot is significantly placed upon the head of the enemy. He is girded with a glorious girdle, studded with three brilliant stars; and upon this girdle is hung a sharp sword. Its handle proves that this mighty Prince is come forth in a new character. He is again proved to be “the Lamb that was slain,” for the hilt of this sword is in the form of the head and body of a lamb. In his right hand he lifts on high his mighty club; while in his left he holds forth the token of his victory–the head and skin of the “roaring lion.” We ask in wonder, “Who is this?” and the names of the stars give us the answer.

    The brightest, a (in the right shoulder), is named Betelgeuz, which means the coming (Mal 3:2) of the branch.

    The next, b (in the left foot), is named Rigel, or Rigol, which means the foot that crusheth. The foot is lifted up, and placed immediately over the head of the enemy, as though in the very act of crushing it. Thus, the name of the star bespeaks the act.

    The next star, g (in the left shoulder), is called Bellatrix, which means quickly coming, or swiftly destroying.

    The name of the fourth star, d (one of the three in the belt), carries us back to the old, old story, that this glorious One was once humbled; that His heel was once bruised. Its name is Al Nitak, the wounded One. * Similarly the star k (in the right leg) is called Saiph, bruised, which is the very word used in Genesis 3:15, thus connecting Orion with the primeval prophecy. Like Ophiuchus, he has one leg bruised; while, with the other, he is crushing the enemy under foot.

    * The star z (in the belt) is called Mintaka, dividing, as a sacrifice (Lev 8:2).

    This is betokened by other stars named Al Rai, who bruises, who breaks (as in Cepheus); and Thabit (Hebrew), treading on.

    Other (Arabic) names relate to His Person: Al Giauza, the branch; Al Gebor, the mighty; Al Mirzam, the ruler; Al Nagjed, the prince; Niphla (Chaldee), the mighty; Nux (Hebrew), the strong. Some names relate to His coming, as Betelgeuse and Bellatrix, as above; Heka (Chaldee), coming; and Meissa (Hebrew), coming forth.

    Such is the cumulative testimony of Orion’s stars, which, day after day, and night after night, show forth this knowledge. That testimony was afterwards written in the Book. The Prince of Glory, who was once wounded for the sins of His redeemed, is about to rise up and shine forth for their deliverance. Their redemption draweth nigh; for–

    “The LORD shall go forth as a mighty man,
    He shall stir up jealousy like a man of war;
    He shall cry, yea, roar;
    He shall prevail against His enemies.
    I have [He says] long time holden my peace;
    I have been still, and refrained myself:
    Now will I cry like a travailing woman;
    I will destroy and devour at once.”
    Isaiah 42:13, 14

    Then it will be said to His people (and the setting of the prophecy in its beautiful introverted structure shows us the beauty and glory of the truth it reveals): *

    a: Arise,
    b: Shine; for thy light is come,
    c: And the glory of the LORD is risen upon thee.
    d: For, behold, the darkness shall cover the earth,
    d: And gross darkness the people;
    c: But the LORD shall arise upon thee, and His glory shall be seen upon thee.
    b: And the Gentiles shall come to thy light,
    a: And kings to the brightness of thy rising. (Isaiah 60:1-3)

    * Note that–
    In a and a, we have the rising of Israel;
    In b and b, the light that is come upon her;
    In c and c, the glory of the LORD; and
    In d and d, the darkness of the world.

    This is “the glory of the God” which the heavens constantly declare (Psalm 19:1). They tell of that blessed time when the whole earth shall be filled with His glory (Num 14:21; Isa 11:9); when “the glory of the LORD shall be revealed, and all flesh shall see it together” (Isa 40:5), as all see now the beauty of Orion’s glory.

    But side by side with the glory which the coming Light of the world shall bring for His people, there is “that wicked,” whom the Lord “shall destroy with the brightness of His coming.” Hence, as in the concluding chapter (4) of the First Book (of which this Third Book is the expansion) we had in LYRA (the harp), as 1, Praise prepared for the Conqueror; and in ARA (the burning pyre), as 2, consuming fire prepared for His enemies: so in the first chapter of this book, we have in ORION, as 1, Glory prepared for the Conqueror; and in ERIDANUS, as 2, the River of wrath prepared for His enemies.

    The Heavens Declared



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