Practical Healthy Living Tips, Thriving In The Era of Bad Food, Environmental Degradation, and Stress

The following is a wealth of health for the wise eyes.

The path to maintaining a lean, clean fighting machine (oh you didn’t know we were engaged in a war?).

“Knowing is half the battle” and “the mind is a terrible thing to waste.

And your mind is where you know (at least in part), or discern that first casualty in war — the truth.

So, maintaining a healthy diet is imperative, for the mind gut connection tantamount to longevity.

“An apple a day keeps the doctor away” may have been effective historically, whereas today, supplementing each day is actually what keeps the doctor away.

We live in a world of constant bombardment of toxins, pollution, deterioration, disease, sickness, and on and on.

Eating “organic” food is NOT enough to arm your body with the tools it needs to fight the war raging against your body.

Now, don’t get me wrong, some folk are naturally predisposed to a very healthy immune system.  Just as some folk have a God given toned physique.  More than likely though, at some point, hormones change, the environment changes, something happens negatively affecting your body.  And the following information will be very useful in either preventing (should you implement the following), or remedying your health once you have properly identified your issue.

First and foremost, keep in mind that I am not a doctor, nor am I consulting you as a physician.   I will tell you what worked for me and you can then determine how to implement said knowledge in your specific case.  It would be in your best interest to get a physical examination by your doctor to determine if you have any severe or life threatening issues.  Keep in mind though, pending anything does show up in your physical, make sure to get a second, and third opinion, inclusive of a homeopathically trained doctor who understands the old ways of natural healing and restoration.  Keep in mind that allopathy has only been around for a short time in comparison to homeopathy.

Historically, I fit into the paradigm, where I distained those folk who medicated with “snake oil”.  Here is my story of how I learned to doctor myself.  I call myself the “canary in the coal mine“, as I tend to have a very sensitive system.  As such, I am the warning signal that all is not right in life, and I am on a path to help others (by sounding the alarm) who develop symptoms related to what I’ve experienced.  And how I remedied the issues.  I have suffered from the following for the most part of my life, and either now prevent, or mediate the symptoms (and causes?) by implementing the following practices.  I’ve suffered from migraines, dislocating knee, discitis, allergies, and pneumonia.
Pneumonia |

This chapter in my journey* started with my hospitalization with pneumonia.  This is nearing ten years ago.  An extended flu sickness turned pneumonia and subsequent hospitalization was the turning point in my recognition of the necessity to own my health and determine what was best for me.  The catalyst was the comment by my neighbor who remarked that he thought it odd for a “young” healthy man as myself to be taken down by pneumonia (regardless of the truth of that statement), I was jarred into looking into the matter.  The pneumonia was back in 2008-2009, not only the time of swine flu hysteria, but the time of a great awakening to fraudulent world we live in.  So, digging in to why we know what we know, and applying logic, reason, and the scientific method to so called facts, history, and “reality” were modus of the day.


Migraines |

I can remember having headaches since I was a child.  Headaches so bad, I’d have to lay in a quite dark place, sickened to a near vomiting.  When I was young, I did realize that dehydration and sugar were factors that brought on a headache.  So, as much as a child and young adult could, I got by.  The headaches got progressively worse as I entered the workforce, full-time desk jockeying, bathed in environmental toxins, fluorescent lighting, and a quasi-poor diet.  I say “quasi” because, I had already understood the value of eating organic, though, as we all know, organic cost more.  But, if you don’t recognize the full import of eating a clean healthy diet, well, you’ll compromise.  So, the debilitating headaches continued and it was determined that I should seek medical help to determine the cause.  I had an MRI brain scan and full physical and nothing was found.  The doctor sternly advised that I stop taking Excedrin Migraine and learn to manage my headaches by minimizing the triggers, which are food, environment, and stress.

There are no accidents or coincidence in this world (challenge me and I can prove that to you).  As such, I owe much of what I have learned in maintaining a healthy lifestyle to the following person (keep in mind, the best health tips are yet to follow below).  Of all people, love him or hate him, he is fighting for your health and freedom (what are you doing for my freedom?!), Alexander Emerick Jones, and the multitude of guests he’s had on that discuss healthy living.  Not the least of which is (if that is even possible; for they are all bold health mavericks who have bucked the health system and changed many lives for the better), Dr. Joel Wallach, Dr. Andrew Saul, and Dr. Edward F. Group III, to name a few.

I was able to hear what AJ et. al., were saying due to my predisposition to “understand the times” and preparation in advance for deceptive timesThe problem was, I had no idea, the level of deception we are under.  To this day, the journey continues in searching for the most precious commodity we have — truth.  Keep in mind, our greatest obstacle to uncovering the truth is our self and the presumption that we already have the ultimate truth.  We must leave room for further discovery and relearning, for much of what we have been taught is false.

(So, if you are still with me, after you have finished this reading, go back and listen Dr. Wallach’s seminal talk, where he discusses his journey and his severing the Gordian Knot of medical tyranny by explaining why Dead Doctors Don’t Lie.  This being a conundrum of why doctors (and that they should be the healthiest people around) die, on average, at a younger age than the average American.)

I learned the breadth and depth of deception that permeates the realm of so called protection of consumers of what is called food.  I learned about the food additive aspartame (e coli poop) (found in almost all gum).  I learned about how red dye mimics amphetamines.  I learned about the medical experiments done on unsuspecting population.  I learned about aborted fetal cells being put into vaccines (and aborted baby cells being used in food research).  I learned about how polio is actually given, not something that just occurs organically.  Do you think any of those will cause a migraine?  You betcha.

If not (though unlikely), processed food and drink are a likely culprit.  For instance, I found that MSG triggered an almost immediate migraine for me (i.e. Doritos contain MSG; try Trader Joe’s* version of them).  I found this out, after the fact, and while in process of learning to read every label of that which we consume.  As you progress in your lifestyle change of consuming better food and drink.  You start to avoid certain stores and venues.  I already had a pretty good taste for good food, i.e. fresh organic slow food.   Fast food was abhorrent to me for about a decade previously, as I already recognized the correlation between mass production and poor quality.

Good quality food and mineral supplements have cut the migraines down to about a quarter of what they were historically.  I am still on the hunt to discover that magic mineral, plant, or practice that may totally alleviate the migraines altogether.  The migraines I get now are usually environmentally triggered  and occur seasonally (barometric pressure changes) or when traveling (different climate).

I have had very good results taking Migr-eeze (LifeExtension) which is comprised of butterbur, ginger, and riboflavin.  I drink ginger-turmeric tea from Trader Joe’s*.  And I take butterbur and ginger supplements separately as well, preventatively.  I try and endure through a headache (as sometimes it will subside with the cooling of the day).  And sometimes, when all else fails, I will take a prescribed medication for migraines, called Imitrex.  I tell you that because there is a time and place for allopathy.  No need to endure beyond what is needed once you dial in your knowing, that is the knowing of your body, because after all, this is practice in learning how to doctor yourself.

(I have learned also that I have light sensitivity, and more often than not, I wear a hat to shield my eyes from in and outdoor lighting. Intense sun, fluorescent, or LED lighting is a migraine trigger for me.)


Dislocating Knee, Discitis |

I have had a dislocating knee and lower back discitis since I was a teenager.  Allopathic medicine prescribed sports medicine rehabilitative exercise, and then preventive exercise beyond that.  Nothing was ever said of supplementing (and I’m convinced I would be sold on the idea of surgery today, if I had not discovered what I did).  One the precious gems of health information that you will learn from Dr. Wallach’s talk is the following.  That you have a finite amount of some trace minerals in you body.  Some are required are for essential maintenance and sustainment if life, i.e. copper.

Recall, all the new stories of the students that drop dead on sports fields each year.  One of the ways you lose minerals is perspiration.  Athletes are taught to replenish hydration (sparsely mineral infused), but not to replace the required minerals  — supplement.  We are taught that you get your daily required minerals from the food we eat.  The problem is, as pointed out by Wallach, who studied worldwide people groups with the longest longevity lifespans.

The common factor amongst the longest living groups was, gardens with soils replenished with wood ash from the hearth fires they used. That used to be common practice worldwide, but with the invention of the electricity, the lights and furnaces came on, and the fires went out. Likewise the gardens disappeared urbanization and home refrigeration and grocery stores “sustained” the populace.  Furthermore, studies show how mineral depleted our soils and produce actually are.

Compounded with the fact, putting recommended daily allowances aside, true health is gleaned by supplementing, which requires higher quantities of minerals to be consumed.  Fresh vegetables by sheer weight prohibit their consumption in once sitting as compared to what you can consume in crystalline form (mixed with water or juice).

Wallach claims he can save you the bill and pain of knee surgery, simply by supplementing. Sounds like snake oil to me.  Well, I put his claim to the test.  But first, let me point out that, historically I have completely popped out my knee at least twice, once, the first time, requiring a visit to the hospital, carried by friends, as I writhed in pain.  Only to learn what learned, some 20 years later, that supplementing is the answer.  And I proved this as follows.  Every few years, life happens and for some reason or another, my wife and I would need to move to a new place.  And considering the expense of moving, I would largely be the mover.  At this point in my life, I had succumbed to wearing knee braces.  And enduring excruciating pain post move for a couple days.  To make matters worse, I have had back problems (discitis) for probably about the same amount of time as the knee problems.  Back to the test, of which I decided I would ramp up my consumption of the minimal supplements Wallach prescribes (he prescribes more, but finances did not allow) .  The two products (which I do not sell) are Tangy Tangerine and Osteo-Fx.  Both are magic.  I have noticed tremendous life-changing effects since taking consistently the afore mentioned supplements.  For the first time post house move, I was not recuperating, bedridden, couch-laden, chair-immobilized for days.  Sound preposterous?  I challenge you to take the recommended amount consistently for at least 6 months to a year.  Some of us, are so mineral depleted, immediate effects will be noticed, others must go the distance, with great results awarded in due time, by continuing on.

Wallach also points out the disparity between maintaining health of animals and that of humanity. Wallach grew up on a farm and became an animal vet. He recognized the correlation between animal health and the mineral supplementing of the herd. Consider what the cost of food would be if health care were how livestock health was maintained. Astronomical costs to say the least. Wallach points out the disconnect, and poses the question of why humans aren’t preventing and treating sicknesses by supplementing, as is done with animals.  (The answer is hidden in the realization that we are heavily invested in a reality permeated with deception.)

To this day, my knee and back problems are properly mitigated by regular consistent supplementing.  And when the issue arises, let’s say, if I strain my back doing heavy lifting (I am getting “older” as they say), I can take OsteoFx and have relief within a half hour.  I have gotten to the point of taking Osteo in advance or during, when I know I am going to be doing heavy work.

I once heard that our bodies are engineered on the level of that of a Ferrari.  And Ferrari’s need to be maintained, gas, oil, other fluids, each for a specific purpose to insure that everything is running efficiently and smoothly.  Likewise, with our bodies, and supplements are the “fluids” that we need to consume to function properly.  Gas and water only don’t maintain the Ferrari, neither do food and water for the human.


Allergies |

I suffered from the worst allergies historically.  It is said that, allergies are the symptoms of issues internally.  And I decided again, I would put the “snake oil salesmen’s” claims to the test.  And I can tell you that proportional to the level of supplements you take, the greater health you will be in.  My allergies have almost totally subsided.  And when I get that feeling of deterioration of health, I up the regime of supplements.


Minerals and Supplements I Take |

The power of doctoring yourself is a mere step away, one step toward a lifetime journey of better and better health.  You will be surprised by the power (and application to various illness) of Vitamin C.  What will be even more surprising is the amount you can take.  And the best tip I’ll give you, is the how to consume larger doses, tastefully; for if you have not tasted pure vitamin c, prepare to pucker-up.  Crystalline vitamin c being the most cost effective (volume) usage.  Here’s the tip: the vitamin c crystals tend to sink to the bottom of the drink before you can get the glass of juice or water down; unless you keep stirring.  Getting the vitamin c down is further complicated if you are dealing with children.  I found through months of trial and error with various juices that the Mango Nectar juice from Trader Joe’s* works best.  The nectar is so thick that the vitamin c is momentarily suspended and encapsulated and can be swallowed if done promptly with a little practice.   I take heaping spoonfuls of vitamin c at that onset sicky feeling.  Now, as you find out on Dr. Saul’s website, the key is to work your dose up, little by little. And you will know your body is saturated with vitamin c (and in the process of healing), when you, pardon the grossness, when you, get the runs.  The power of vitamin c is unbelievable.  I have four children, non of which have required antibiotics in the past eight years.  My youngest has never been on antibiotics, the second to the youngest, only once.  They are the healthiest two of my four.  Now considering they are children and sickness is constantly volleyed around at school, we do get sick, but nothing has required a doctors visit or treatment.  (Annual checkups confirm their health states.)  The consistency and duration of sickness in our family has dramatically decreased proportional to the amount of preventive supplementing we have implemented.

Vitamin C can’t take all the credit, though it truly is a wonder weapon against sickness and disease.  As noted we take Tangy Tangerine and Osteo Fx.  Specific issues require specific remedies.  For instance, I can’t tell you how many hundreds of dollars we spent on remedying earaches after trips to see the doctor.  That was until we found mullein garlic ear oil.  A few drops in the ear and a cotton ball plug does the trick, usually in one day.  Two other magical supplements we take are, colloidal silver, and elderberry (usually during cold season for chest cough).  Colloidal silver (co-silver) is known to weaponize the strength of antibiotics.  Co-silver can be taken by itself.  Think of silver jewelry and silverware (quality silverware) we eat with, both provide antibacterial properties to the wearer, handler.  Co-silver was known about historically, but pushed aside as the rise of antibiotics promised the end of disease.  With the rise of antibiotic-resistant superbugs, co-silver is being rediscovered.  Co-silver is used for burn care and can be found as a band-aid additive.  Essential oils are a powerful medicine of healing we have implemented as well.  Coconut diluted warming oregano oil can be safely rubbed on the soles on the feet during sickness.  And I have found oregano (gel pills are best) to be super effective in treating arthritis.  I figured this out after I read about the arthritic mitigating power of oregano.  So, by rubbing undiluted oregano oil (which I don’t recommend as it is very warm, to the leveling of burning sensation) on my arthritic hand, I got near immediate relief.  I now take gel pills daily, preventatively.  Recently, I had some rashes that kept deteriorating my skin, the skin collapsed (looked like a spider bite).  The sores kept getting worse (per my wife request).  So I visited the doctor, who promptly, I say prematurely, diagnosed it as a mere infection, and dispensed the trusty regimen of antibiotics.  (I hate antibiotics.  They actually make me fell depressed.)  Not to be dismayed, I upped the dosage of supplements as done in sickness scenarios, and applied heavy doses of diluted oregano oil directly on the sores.  Magic!  All healed in time with no side effects and no antibiotics.   As noted earlier, copper is one the finite trace minerals that your body requires for essential life sustainment.  If you run out of copper, you die (hence you must supplement).  Copper is one of the building blocks used to strengthen blood vessels.  A dilated blood vessel (hemorrhoid) can be remedied with copper supplementing.  Doctoring yourself, within reason, always using common sense, and remain humble enough to visit the doctor as needed.

Recently, I had a long overdue physical, at the request of my wife.  Everything checked out and I am in great health.

As stated in the beginning of this article, I am not a doctor, and I do not advise you to do the above.  I am only sharing what worked for me.  I hope you benefit from the above knowledge and apply it wisely as you learn to doctor yourself.  As is said of doctors, they are only practicing anyway.  DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH!  Use my information as a guide to help you begin your healing and prevention journey.


*Life is a journey.  And I can say that even though I lived through some very unhealthy lifestyle growing up.  I did glean the basics of eating healthier and supplementing from my parents during the times that they actually did.  Though, I’ve taken what we did then to a whole new level, and my parents now benefit from what I learned.

*Trader Joe’s.  Years ago I contacted TJ’s with an inquiry about their ingredients.  The distillation of the feedback I received, was.  If it has the TJ’s label on the product, then TJ’s policy is to use non-GMO and good ingredients in line with a healthy diet.


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