If you have not heard of Tommy Sickler and his GoFundMe to raise funds for his lifesaving treatment that involves a 3D printed bladder.  Please take the time to visit his site and help him outPer Jerome Corsi, Tommy will live if he gets this treatmentCorsi is working with an Israeli surgeon (Dr. Eliat Mendelsohn) to bring the revolutionary treatment to a broader audience.

3D Printing | God, Guns, Guts

3D printing is revolutionizing how everything is being made, from “God”, “incarnated” from the Shroud of Turin (ponder the possibility).  To guns, where gun control will soon be moot.   To guts, where organs are being harvested from 3D printersCulinary aesthetics have been impacted by the imprint of the 3D revolution.  You can now eat 3D printed food.

3D printing has revolutionized the architecture of food, the architecture of the human body, and the architecture of buildings.  Will the imminent construction of the Third Temple in Jerusalem be made of 3D printed prefab modular components? 

We do know that The Man With A Plan, will be the implementer of the final temple, likewise this man will give “life” to something unnatural, stunning the peoples of Earth.  Will the creation that receives “life” be a 3D printed product?

Only time will tell.  The future is now, where science fiction is becoming science faction


Bless Tommy and be blessed!


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