The Book That Never Was | Indeed, Out Of Place, Out Of Time – CH. V – 18, Forthcoming?

(Time will tell. )



5. (G) Green Gene Meme
6. (B) Indigo Genetics
7. Beeheaded: Bee Is To Bee, To Bee Or Not To Bee
8. Mohawk: Flash Forward In Reverse Fashion
9. Spell Hollywood Cursive, The City of Fallen Angels, & 11, Observations On The Letter K
10. Double-crossed
11. The Ubiquitous “V”
12. arche :: arco :: archon
13. The Hidden History Of Flight
14. Hidden In Plain Sight: Enduring Nazi Symbolism – Fascist Corporate Logos
15. Phal’d Symbolism of Fast Food, Preying On The Befuddled Masses
16. Oak Ley:: Beyond Reason
17. DisObey: Shepherding The Befuddled Masses Into The Darkness
18. The Jesus You Always Saw, Never Knew, Set To Become Your Own Personal Nightmare?

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