McStarbucks, The McDonaldsification Of The Befuddled Masses

Starbucks is near omnipresent as the beloved fast-food-blighted McDonald’s.  Whether on the road going cross country, or in an urban wasteland, you are likely to see a McDonald’s in close proximity to Starbucks.  Starbucks has near reached saturation of mass market fast food iconization of the appetite for destruction.

The mass market consumption of caffeine (and whatever by-products) with food and drink fit for the prey of sirensWhat worldview beckons for the seafaring-demon-as-figurehead emblazoned on Starbucks chemical linednon-recyclable” cups?

mcstarbuckscropWhat alchemical transformation is being induced upon an unsuspecting public by the green giant, purveyor of consumed muddy waters?

In our hurried modern life of eat, sleep, work, family, repeat are we being plasticized with a mutagenic mummification cocktail?

We would do well to know the history of those icons that more often than not herald the realm of demons as symbols, logos, stitching, embroidery, architecture, engineering, etc., etc., etc.

And to know the scams they play on the public that lead to the downward trends of tomorrowlandStarbucks has more customer money on cards than many banks have in deposits | “Some people keep their money in banks. Some keep cash beneath a mattress. Now there’s another place that people are depositing their money: their Starbucks accounts.”

And so, in like manner the downward spiral of Starbucks, due to its newest open door policy, will follow the McTrend of being the hub of the homeless.

Join me in going out of the way to support the local organic purveyors of that wokeness juice — coffee.


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