SciencefA.I.ction | Science Fiction or Science Faction?

The world that IS exists hidden in the realm of Science Fiction.  The world we live in is bathed in the magick of tomorrow, a fiction of the imagination.  The world we live in is an oddity steeped in the mystery of the supernatural.  As tomorrowland bleeds over into the reality of today, Scripture will read like an oddity, out of place, out of time, history forthtold as an archive of the future we are now swimming in to.  An A.I. immersed realm indistinguishable from THX1138STARWARSBLADERUNNER TERMINATORMATRIXWESTWORLDLORDOFTHERINGSGAMEOFTHRONESAVENGERS.  Indeed THEY LIVE, they came, humanity died (almost).  Science fAIction.


science fiction

science faction

science fAIction


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