What I’d like to see.

I would like to see a mash-up of https://boingboing.net/ and http://ffffound.com/ and http://infowars.com and https://www.redicecreations.com.  Unabashed defensible commentary on the things that interest you.  A milieu of muckrakery, a quorum of quips, a lasering of cultural cataracts.  If you love wordsmithery and sharing your theories on everything, forward your CV (patternisprologue[at]gmail) and let’s see if you fit in this universe of patterns based on your prologue.  For, you see, true visionaries pick and choose from the spectrums of labels within the sociopolitical landscapes that are the fabric of the marketplace of ideas.  Embracing labels puts you in the box created by the box makers.  For, we should always be reading to modify what we think we know based on what we are learning by thinking outside the box.


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