Patterns, habits, rituals are the fabric – the warp and woof, of our lives.  Patterns epigenetically expressed from the dna of our ancestors.  Patterns of thought, action, interaction and silence.  Patterns are the key to the future, threaded through the elliptical orbits of all we come in to contact with daily, the history of our lives, the history of humanity.  Whether we like it or not, we live meshed together under grids of entanglement, bound within the reality of where it is that we find our 24/7 cycle of home, work, sleep.  And surrounding us are fabrics of nature and textiles of human invention – technology, ever encroaching, ever assimilating, ever onward.  “Pattern is prologue” will be a clearing house of sorts, a warehouse of ideas, a place that discusses theories on everything.  Good, bad, and ugly.  The gritty details will be the emphasis of this site.  And attention to detail through the lens of critical thought, will be the measure how the loom of literature unfolds and transforms the mind of the reader to seeing new perspectives.  Threaded thoughts spooled from the minds of man will weave together patches from technology, futurism, science fiction, science faction, gadgetry, cinematography, politics, spirituality, and history.

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