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What are the odds?

Coincidence is the technical term for “designed”. If it’s designed, there’s a plan. The Small Pox Tell Of Bill Gates (7min) What are the odds that a government sponsored 2021 (!) tabletop exercise at the Nuclear Threat Initiative (“public-private partnership with the U.S. Department of State”) war-gamed a monkeypox outbreak in May 2022?! Here […]

The Pattern & Potentiality: Eyes To See. What Will The Price Of #Bitcoin Be In 2500 CR (& Beyond)?

The debate ensues within the neural net shielded by my cranium and the Helmet of Salvation. Lost to most is the epic ScienceFaction that the HOLY WRIT is, in Word & Deed. Though the drought is long, dark, and deep — nevertheless, I will press on in my journey, ever-progressing, The Pilgrim. Ever the Outlier, […]

Twitter Turing Test: ‘Mastering the Human Domain” “Mosk: ‘Authenticating all humans’

In my personal opinion, based on observation, in light of GRIN-tech MIC & Holy Writ forthtelling. El on Mosk (Mr. “So fake it’s real.”) is acquiring Twitter for Turing Test machine learning programming for forthcoming robot revolution, “bigger than the Tesla car”. Twitter @forthtold

The Revelatory Coincidence Of The COBID Venom Theory With The Passover (Brazen Serpent) Unfolding Timeline, Is Undeniably Crucial To Our Understanding.

Observations:1. COBID is clearly spiritual in nature. And must be addressed with a spiritual lens. COBID cannot be addressed purely via Scientisma.) Aesculapius / Caduceusb.) revelatory coincidence w/ Passover, brazen serpent pole… — forthteller (@forthtold) April 16, 2022

On Bird App @forthteller, Re #Tesla Car Aethereal Charging

Nikolai #Tesla ‘s REsearch was about pulling energy directly from the aether. His disruptive technology was so dangerous to the cult of control, #THEY (Power Elite #MIC) seized his work (, forever shrouding his death in the enigma of conspiracy. The Tesla Model S, 3, X, & Y, odes to Ford’s Model T, allude to […]

Unmarked White Surveillance Blimp

forthtell March 21, 2015 Military airships getting Baltimore-area test… (Above image link lost, redound here: Army’s blimp-like airships get East Coast test (ICBM detection) Billion Dollar Surveillance Blimp to Launch over Maryland – The Intercept A previous sighting was off 73 (Newport Beach), blimp was nested in marine layer at extremely low altitude. […]


Form, Function, Or Ritual? Having a form of godliness, but denying the power thereof: from such turn away. (2Ti 3:5) Whether or not I am right in my observations is secondary to exercise in seeing other meanings not readily apparent, discernible, or intended for the befuddled masses. The more you know, the more sorrow. For […]